Extra days: December 23rd & 24th

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Gallery View

We have extra days for the Small Works Sale!

December 23rd and 24th are extra days!

Bernadette is sitting the 23rd, from noon to sometime later (after 5 be are sure)

Roger and Lisa are sitting the gallery from noon to 5 on Christmas eve.

That’s next week though.


Jenny Hyde is sitting Thursday from Noon to Five, then

Nancy Hathaway is in on Friday, Noon to Four, and

Jeff Huston is in from Four to Eight, Friday.

Saturday has Carrie Scozzaro in the afternoon, from Noon to Four, and

Hannah finishes the week from Four to Eight.

Kale Magnet

Eat you veggies!


Wonderful Collection! Great Time!

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Drawings and Materials Bradd Scubinna

Drawings and Materials
Bradd Scubinna

We had a slue of folks in the space last night, and then today, folks swept through on their way to the movies at the Magic Lantern. It’s been a steady stream of interested folks.

We are open a bit more for this month. Those working in the colleges are signing up for more time in the gallery.

Coma by and see the work.

Bradd dropped off some new work today. Roger has a couple of new things in the space as well.

But, if you wanted Bernadette’s Walking Totem/ Cane Shoe last and nails, it’s too late. Should have gotten that last night!

Bernadette Veilbig, Doll with teeth

Bernadette Veilbig,
Doll with teeth

Closed for Thanksgiving, But open for Friday!

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Homage o' Peaches

We send you an enthusiastic Thanksgiving offering of a day filled with what you need:

Family, or none;

Excitement and loads of energy, or quiet and reflection;

 And grand resolve as we move into the formal holidays of celebrating light and life, renewal and energy.

This week we are open on Friday and Saturday.

Friday: Kurt Madison and Margo Casstevens are in the gallery from noon to eight.

Friday, Bernadette Y Vielbig sits the space from noon to four, then

Bradd Skubinna sits from four to eight.

It’s a great show, and if you are out in the neighborhood, Stop in and have a visit with the work.

Alter to Real Estate Photography

Dan does homage to John Cage

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Homage to Cage

We would like to thank Dan McCann for the installation in the gallery. He has done a fantastic job constructing a reflective space.

This is beautiful.

Check out Bradd’s drawings

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Bradd has a wall of amazing drawings. It looks like a collection of work for the past year. But it also looks like longer too.
It’s delightful.


Masks are the Thing: Saturday 1-3 pm

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Kibble Painting

Masks are the thing for this Saturday, October 25th

If you have some interest, we have a mask workshop for this Saturday, from 1-3 pm.

Lance and Hannah will be helping with the mask, and solving problems as you articulate what you would like to be, other than yourself, of course. Imaginations are opne, and so is the possibility of what  can be done.

Come and see the excitement. Join in! Bring the little people to enable us to see their vision of the world.

We love that part.

It’s the best!

Ideas without Place

We look forward to seeing you this afternoon!

Tobe Harvey for a free workshop on Saturday October 11th @ 1 PM!

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Match boxes by Tobey Harvey. Small Works sale December 2013

Match boxes by Tobey Harvey.
Small Works sale December 2013

Join Tobe Harvey for a free workshop on Saturday October 11th at the Saranac Art Projects Gallery.

From 1-3 PM Harvey will demonstrate his watercolors on matchboxes for the public. The first 8 participants will get supplies to make one to keep for themselves.

All materials will be provided, the public is welcome to watch even if not participating.

This is free & open to the public, no pre-registration, but rather a first come, first served workshop open to ages 8 & up.

Interested in Membership?

August 28, 2014 § 4 Comments


We are looking for new members.

If you are interested in working with a group of artists in the Spokane area,

Interested in Contemporary Art, and the directions Contemporary Art can move in the Spokane area:

We’d love to have a conversation.

Take a look at our application package.

Membership Information

Or come and visit us and we can fill in some details.

Tonight! First Friday

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We are nearly ready for you to come by.

As we get this out to you, the final bits are being pulled together.

A fine and dandy collection of smaller works are in the space.

Come and see us.

Cups, drawings, lamps, prints and glasses!

So much, we were overwhelmed at first.

Readying for show

Readying for Small Works

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Saranac Art Projects’s Small Works Sale opens on Friday at five. Repaying for show.



Bradd’s dry lemon mandala

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We have such a good time seeing Bradd’s work. Today, a couple of visitors talked about how it looked like Andy Goldsworthy’s work. We also talked about a couple of other options, such as urban sand painting, and collage with objects, or assemblage. They asked if anything ever was permanently assembled. We said a few have been.
Some are at the MAC.




Did you catch these?

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Did you catch the tokens for selecting the next step in a composition?
These are on the desk in Dan’s space and easy to miss.
Be excited for today!
See some art!
Noon to eight today and tomorrow.


Last Two Days of Show!

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Flower tag mandala

The only two days left to see this work are Friday and Saturday!

Bradd’s work is very temporary, and it will all be packed back up and put into the plastic containers. Next time, it’ll be completely different.

But you only have Friday, and Saturday from Noon to Eight to see the work!

John's Desk



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