Mariah Boyle’s Drawing assignments: try one!

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Today: try one of Mariah’s Assignments:


Come by the gallery between 2 and 6 to see more of the suggestions of how to start drawing.

May Kytonen can show you around.

Say hi!




Mariah Boyle and Melissa Cole

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Come and see Mariah’s Drawing Lessons from Seven Years of Drawing Classes!

Melissa Cole also has a collection of Fish hanging in the gallery.

People are thrilled with the look.


Come celebrate Earth Day with ceramics investigating water

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Cast porcelain bottle with drawing

Come celebrate Earth Day with ceramics investigating water

Come in from and expand your Earth Day celebration with a visit to see our ceramic exhibition on water.

Five artists from around the country investigate how water feels, looks, and affects us.

We have a number of pieces that suggest water’s place in our lives and or experience. The show is a fascinating investigation, and beautifully intricate.

We are open today until eight. A perfect place to visit after visiting the Earth Day events in the park!

Come in and take a look.

Platonic Elemental Forms in ceramic



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 January 13th  – 28th

Opening reception Friday January 13th

A Table Setting

A Table Setting

Classical dinner table place settings interpreted in unexpected designs and materials.

Gallery members and invited artists.

Join us for an imaginary dinner.

Small Works Show December 2-31

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Small Works Sale Returns

December 2-31st

Table with materials and objects from Small Works Sale, 2015

Table with materials and objects from Small Works Sale, 2015

Dan McCann, Katie Creyts, and Austin Stiegemeier

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This Last Week for the November Show

Graphite on paper

Graphite on paper

Katie Creytz has a number of beautiful graphite drawings in the gallery. She is spinning ideas about art history and personal history into new visions.

Austin Stiegemeier

Austin Stiegemeier

Austin Stiegemeier has a couple of beautiful drawings complimenting Katie’s drawings.

Dan McCann

Dan McCann

Dan’s work is made from cash that he has collected from around the world. They have a wonderful commentary made from the images on bills. Dan also made them small enough to fit into anywhere. Wonderful small, intimate work.

Gallery View of Dan McCanns installation

Megan Atwood Cherry and Bradd Skubinna this week

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Megan Atwood Cherry and Bradd Skubinna



Blanket Statements: Ann Porter, Casey Page, and Megan Atwood Cherry

A delightful show pulling together loads of ways of making things. Many of the images suggest new means of working with fibers, or how fibers might be seen as operating.


Bradd Skubinna


Bradd continues to look at what we have around us, and to draw into our memory of places, and shows.


Today: Chris Tyllia sits from noon to four,

followed by,

Lance Sinnema, from four to eight.

Bradd Skubinna and Megan Atwood Cherry

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Bradd Skubinna and Megan Atwood Cherry in the Gallery

Megan has asked her sister and her mother to join her in an investigation of materials, relationships, and place.


Bradd Skubinna has brought in a delightful collection of gouache paintings and an amazing collection of items.

His collection makes a wonderful comment on the beauty of the common, and looking at our daily lives.



Escalation: The Surveillance Project

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Escalation Surveillance Drawing 01

Scott Kolbo and Lance Sinnema

Escalation: The Surveillance Project

Escalation, performed by Scott Kolbo and Lance Sinnema is a collaborative performance/project inspired by the increasingly volatile language that surrounds our current political discourse. The artists will explore the tensions produced by our current situation – living in a state of constant surveillance mixed with a sense of on-line anonymity.

The Stinktown 2 Collective springs forth from the collaborative efforts of Scott Kolbo and Lance Sinnema who are both interested in the use of humor in serious art, as well as exploring the way that the use of violent and debased language has escalated in our current political culture. 

August 5 – August 27, 2016

FREE OPENING RECEPTION Friday, August 5, 2016. 5 – 8 pm.

Location and Hours:

Saranac Art Projects, 25 W. Main Ave., Spokane, WA 99201

Admission is free and the gallery is open to the public Thursdays from 2-6pm,

and Fridays and Saturdays from 12-8pm.

Open Today: Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields:: New Work

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Open Today: Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields

New Work

Margo Casstevens Woman Walking

Margo Casstevens
Woman Walking

We are open today from noon to eight.

We have new work in the space, by Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields.

Margo has a stop motion animation with a long audio loop. They are a development of what Margo had shown last time, but now she has a figure moving through space. Margo’s figure is walking slowly. And she has chosen to project the image on a set of her cast paper segments.

Aryn has a set of figures she has built in clay. Aryn has added elements to help the viewer to engage in constructing a narrative. Aryn has also linked her figures with drawings to explore what the figure might include.

We are open today from Noon to Eight.

Lisa Nappa is in the gallery from noon to four, and then

Roger Ralston sits from Four to Eight.



Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields for July

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Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields for July


Aryn Fields. Ceramic Figure

Margo Casstevens. Video still.

Margo Casstevens. Video still.


We are looking forward to a new show for July.

Margo and Aryn have been putting together a set of pieces and it is going to be very nice.

Margo is working on a video to be projected in the space. Aryn has a collection of narrative ceramic pieces we are looking forward to seeing, and considering as story points.

Last Week for Mariah and Jo’s show

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Sketch books

This is the last week for Jo Quetsch and Mariah Boyle’s show at The Saranac Art Projects!

We are open this week, even with the construction and Hoopfest going on around us.

Stop in during your visit to Spokane, and see what we have up in the space.

It’s a terrific show of drawing and paintings.

Look through Jo’s sketch books. She starts with some general ideas form her experiences and develops paintings from those.

Mariah Boyle

Mariah has an open approach to images, creating the massive drawings using charcoal and water media of all sorts.

Jo Quetsch


Friday Opening: Mariah Boyle & Jo K. Quetsch

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Jo K. Quetsch

Silver Linings: Jo K. Quetsch

Mixed media paintings of optimism and decisions toward good and bad new paths- looking for a silver lining. Her art journals will show development of process, content and colors.

Vivid 8

Unchartered Territory: Mariah Boyle

A series of large-scale, mixed media drawings on paper, loosely based in NW landscape, ecology and transitions across new terrain.

Opening Friday, June 3, 5-9

Open Thursdays 2-6

Fridays, Saturdays noon to 8

Closing reception: 6-8 tonight

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Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, Juventino Aranda

Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, Juventino Aranda

We are having a closing reception tonight from 6-8.

YELP! is helping to put this on, and Jenny Hyde, Juventino Aranda, Lisa Nappa, and Rachel Smith are all going to be there.

We are excited, and if you have questions as you have been coming by this month, tonight is a time to ask and clear up those questions.

Come on by!

Say Hello.

Border Lines Last Week & Closing Reception

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We are having a closing reception, supported by YELP!

Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, and Juventino Aranda are expected to be there from 6-8 pm.

This is a possibility to see the work before we close the show, and see the work move away from our gallery.

We have been thrilled to have the work in the space. It’s a wonderful collection of work. We delight in the exploration of lines of bounding our experiences.

Come by and say hello, and have a conversation with Juventino, Lisa, Jenny and Rachel.


Juventino Aranda

Juventino Aranda

Pair of Brooms


Border Lines Continues This Week

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Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, Juventino Aranda

Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, Juventino Aranda

Our exhibit of Rachel Smith, Juventino Aranda, Lisa Nappa, and Jenny Hyde continues this week.

The theme of lines and movement investigated by these four artists has made our space an interesting place to think about what lines imply and how they are used daily.

Pair of Brooms

This week we are open.

Louise Kodis is in the space Thursday from 2 to 6pm.

Katie Creyts sits the gallery Friday from noon to 4, followed by

Aryn Fields from 4 to 8pm.

Saturday, Kurt Madison and Margo Cassteven sit the gallery from Noon to 8pm.

borerlinesRachel Smith

Border Lines opens Tonight

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Border Lines opens Tonight

Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, Juventino Aranda

We have a reception this evening from 5-9.

Come and see the new pieces by Lisa and Jenny.

They have asked Rachel and Juventino to bring works up from Walla Walla.

This exhibition explores the fragility within the concepts we fabricate to construct our realities. Juventino Aranda’s sculptures and drawings substantiate the fickleness of social and political divisions. Rachel Smith’s works on paper remind us how memories provide a questionable framework of experiences. Lisa Nappa’s works in clay and photo collage evoke the subtleties of perception. Jenny Hyde’s prints question the lines between physical and digital reality. Though varied in media, the artists employ meticulousness to their process, the work shares attention to detail and obsessive execution of one’s craft.


Float opens on Friday, April 1st

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Dream Ball

Laboratory and Saranac Art Projects are happy to present “Float:” A collection of art work that aims to include the viewer into the process of creating and seeks ways to create a shift in how reality is perceived (**the description can be edited/changed**) by Swedish artist duo Anna Sörenson and Daniel Rydh.

Sharing a background in painting and conceptual art, the artist duo Rydh /Sörenson have a collective attitude to visual aesthetics and activating the art audience in public spaces. Daniel studied fine art at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht in The Netherlands and pedagogy at Umeå University in Sweden. Anna received her BFA from Umeå Art Academy and MFA from Pratt Institute, New York supported by her Fulbright Scholarship. In 2014 she graduated from a.pass, a yearlong post-master program in performance art in Brussels, Belgium.

Both artists are living in Spokane as part of the Laboratory residency program and will be here through the month of April. Come meet them and see their work at the Saranac Art Projects Gallery. 

Last Week for Bernadette Vielbig and Louise Kodis show

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Insult & Compliment Generators

Last week for the January show.

We have had loads of folks coming through the space. A wonderful mix of folks from the Arts community of Spokane. We have had some good conversations about the history of Spokane, and the high plains of Eastern Washington.

We have also talked about the playfulness of pulling things together. We love the conversations about how to use materials in different ways to open our imagination to “what if” options.

Today: Ellen Picken sits the gallery today from two to six.

Friday: Mariah Boyle is in from noon to four, and then

Lisa Nappa and Jenny Hyde are closing the time from four to eight.

Saturday: Kurt Madison is in from noon to four, and

Hannah Koeske closes the gallery from four to eight.

There is an opening reception for Women+Art+Media at the Richmond Art Collective.

Check them out tonight from four to nine at the Richmond.

We have a number of members showing there.


Small Works Show for December

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Small Works Card 2015

We return with our Small Works Sale for the month of December.

We have a number of smaller works our members have made we think of as approachable objects to enable art to be in your hands and lives.

We know art is everywhere. We also think a small bit of something can bring forth a memory of time, an experience, or a conversation.

We will have images in the coming days and weeks.

Our reception is Friday from 4 to 9.

Come and visit.

Opening reception:Dan McCann and Carrie Scozzaro

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Tomorrow night’s reception


Dan McCann has created box constructions and wall reliefs with industrial, organic overtones.

Dan uses found objects and mixed media working with the materials to tell a story.

They are always visually stunning, and elegant.


Carrie Scozzaro returns to a familiar theme of gender and social politics with a playful commentary on how gender identity is represented and misrepresented in our culture.


We look forward to seeing everyone, and saying hello.

Our reception is from 5-9 pm.


Open this week, and See what we have!

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Entangled birds Katie and Jeff have some wonderful work in the gallery for this month.

Aryn is in today,

Jenny and Bradd sit on Friday

Saturday is Louise.

Back yard Visitors

First Friday: OCTOBER! Katie Creyts and Jeff Huston

September 30, 2015 § 1 Comment

It’s a big night!

Here is our contribution

Free of charge, opening reception:

Friday October 2, 2015 through October 31 FREE OPENING RECEPTION Friday, October 2, 2015. 5-9 pm

Katie Crytes

Katie Creyts has, for this exhibition: CoHabit, been working on graphite drawings and glass etchings of woodland animals cohabiting with humans. The imagery fractures the once symbiotic relationship, as the animals appear dislocated.


Jeff Huston The Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present new works by Jeff Huston. This work explores white male masculinity and its adverse effects on minority groups through video and concrete sculptures.

This Week @ Saranac Art Projects: Last week for MAC show & Fresh w/ Hannah Koeske

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Painting with construction

Painting with construction by Lance Sinnema

Our exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is coming to a close. This weekend is the last weekend and Saturday is a FREE day provided by STCU. It’s a great time to go and see some work we have up in the space.

At the top of this post is a piece by Lance Sinnema. These are paintings he reworks, and wraps using text as a comment on seeing.


This is a single image from Jeff Huston’s piece, a video about the idea of work. Layers of video are projected on a collection of core footings, like the foundation of a porch.

Ceramic Bowls

We also have Fresh  in our space. This is an exhibit of new faculty from around the area. Some of them have been members of our gallery. We are delighted to have their work in our space.

We are always free and open to the public. Come by this week and take a look at what is up in the gallery. Don’t forget Hannah Koeske’s collection of paintings and drawings in our small space. She has a set of her cereal  box drawings on the white wall, and her paintings reveal interesting dialogs.

Hannah Koeske

This week we are open from:

2-6pm on Thursday, with Dan McCann sitting the gallery,

Noon – 8 pm Friday, with Chatham from Noon to four, and Jeff Huston from four to eight, and

Noon – 8pm Saturday, with Carrie Scozarro from noon to four, and Aryn from four to eight pm.


Two Great Shows for the Saranac: the MAC and Fresh with Hannah Koeske

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Lisa Nappa Ceramic on Steel shelves Each shelf: 8"h x 12"w x 8"d

Lisa Nappa
Ceramic on Steel shelves
Each shelf: 8″h x 12″w x 8″d

We wold like you to remember, Saranac has two venues for this month. We are at the MAC, Browne’s Addition. We have a show there of 16 of out members showing work. The works are diverse, because we are also a diverse collection of artists. We approach working in different ways, and through different materials. It shows in the show at the MAC. The MAC is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. There is an admission charged. They will be closed on Labor Day. The show closes on the 20th of September.


We also have a show of FRESH in the gallery at the east end of Main Avenue by Division. 

Cyano print on cloth

Fresh is a show of new-ish faculty in the area. We are open from noon to eight today. We don’t charge an entry to come see the work. You are also welcome to come look as you go the the Magic Lantern Theater of the Saranac Public House across the hall from us. 

Hannah Koeske has some wonderful drawings in the gallery. The drawings have a light, delicate quality to them. Some narrative is wove into the images. They have a haunting beauty we are not sure how to put a name to describe the images.

Hannah Koeske

First Friday: Fresh and Hannah Koeske @ 5-9pm

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First Friday @ 5-9pm:

Fresh and Hannah Koeske

Hannah Koeske

We have an opening reception this evening! First of the fall. We are looking forward to exhibiting a new collection of drawings by Hannah Koeske. Hannah has some very nice large drawings in the gallery for this evening. We would love to have you come and take a look.

FRESH is an invitational of the new artists at our various area universities. This is a university town. We have five colleges represented: Gonzaga, EWU, NIC, SFCC and Whitworth. Each has a new member or three. Some might not seem new, but they have new positions within their departments and are more secure than before. Others are returning to fill positions opened in the last year.

Come and see the work. Say hello to us and visit a bit. There is music downtown, and it’s a busy weekend.

We’d love to see you this evening.

Last days of Ryan Desmond’s Show

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acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 36″,

Last Days: Today and Tomorrow

Ryans Desmond’s show ends on Friday of this week. He is having a reception at the gallery for the show, and as a way to have informal conversations, about the work.

We are always having those conversations. It’s part of the fun of looking at art.

We think the time is right to see the work, and think about what painting is, and how it works. Ryan has been working in Richmond, VA for the past couple of weeks on painting projects. We are not talking houses, either. But, works. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see the works Friday night!

Come on by, and have a visit.

Digital collage, Patina and Acrylic on Metal. 20" x 16", 2014.

Digital collage, Patina and Acrylic on Metal.
20″ x 16″, 2014.

MAC Exhibit

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We are happy to be mentioned in the Spokesman Review today!

We are so happy. And there will be a reception in a week as well! Look for cards in the mail and from our members.

Spokesman Review

Bradd Scubina Installation

MAC Reception: Friday, July 31 @ 5-7PM

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MAC opening Card

Saranac Art Projects

Reception: 5-7 PM @ the MAC

This is in recognition for our exhibit at the MAC, in Browne’s Addition. Sixteen artists fro  our group have works in the show. Some of us have seen the show. Some are going to be surprised. Everything is beautiful. We are thrilled!

Come and celebrate with us!

It’s free!

That’s always nice.

ceramic elements with inlay slip

ceramic elements with inlay slip


Ryan Desmond Shows Broad Skills and Humor

July 30, 2015 § 1 Comment

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 30″,

Have you thought of leaving a couch out in the winter, and seeing what happens? Ryan, shows us one side of the end.

We love this work!

It’s funny. It looks at painting as a way of thinking, not only about painting, but about looking, and experiencing the world. How do you structure the world? What are you experiences, and how does this structure your understanding? And Expectations?

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 30″,

Laboratory pieces from the residence

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We think this is going to be a fascinating exhibit to explore. We are sure this is a huge space contained in a small couple of pieces of hardware. We can’t wait. Because we can explore while we sit the space. No lines then.

Tonight might be different.

Friday! Reception!

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Jo Quetsch and the resident artists from the Laboratory have a reception on Friday!


Last Day for Bernadette Vielbig & Robert Fifeild’s show

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Chair for performance

Chair for performance

If you have been waiting, or have missed the other performance piece Bernadette has done this month,


is the last in the series, and the last of the show.

This is a combination of ideas gleaned from the past twenty five to forty five years of exploring what art can be.

Today, Bernadette is doing Eat It or Throw It.

The image is the chair Bernadette is going to be sitting in, and the candy on the floor suggest items offered for her to eat…….

or throw!

The performance is from 2 to 6.

Bernadette is then sitting the gallery from six to closing at eight.

Today: Bernadette and the Theremin Dance!

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We have been a bit wrong about today’s performance. Only a bit, though.

Bernadette will be dancing and performing in response to the tones played on the Theremin, Not playing the instrument.

That is your place in the performance!

We would like you to engage the instrument, and through this we are looking forward to Bernadette’s interpretation of the tones.

On hand to help you navigate the ideas this afternoon is Dan McCann. He is fascinated by the possibilities of audio.

This will be very interesting!


Today: Lisa Nappa and Roger Ralston Sitting

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Piano-keys&stringsToday, Lisa and Roger are siting the space.
Bernadette’s Maelstrom and Pivot by Robert Fifield are up in the space. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s performance of “Dancing with the Theramin” by Bernadette. That is from 2-6pm.



Opening: NOW!

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Bernadette has new works! We are open, and we are welcoming everyone to come by and see Bernadette’s new pieces.

Open until 9, so you can come by when everyone else has closed.


Maelstrom opens on Friday

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We have a reception on Friday, from 5-9pm.

Bernadette Vielbig has a dandy collection of works, a redirecting of materials and objects into new directions.

We would love to see you at the reception. It’s free of charge and open to the public.

Come see the work!

The Living Room: a game of looking

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looking for the images from the clues in Jenny's The Living Room installation.

looking for the images from the clues in Jenny’s The Living Room installation.

We have a grand, playful set of games in the gallery:

Jenny Hyde’s The Living Room, and 

Tobe Harvey’s Phi.

Both works explore ideas, and enable you to look for links between experience.

Jenny’s work is a collection and construction of images from a living room. You can look over her construction as a way of looking and spinning through a space. She has constructed a large wall piece from images printed onto cloth. The cloth has been sew together to make a massive wall piece. The images have been knit together from views in the Living Room. Looking at the images you spin around , investigating the space, and what the room contains.

The images are not placed in a linear structure, but knit, one butting up against the other. They are panoramic images made through knitting. Sometimes we have a bit of vertigo as we look at the whole of the construction. But look at the shoes, and that has grounded us.

Jenny has also provided a set of post cards. These are playing cards to enable you to look at the image for specific objects. You can check off the objects, and Jenny has provided ribbons for you to win. As you fill-out and check off the items  you find, you earn discounts on other images in the gallery. You can buy a segment of the larger construction, as an individual print, at a discounted cost.

It’s all great fun. Some of us have gotten a couple of great pieces.

Today we are open from noon to eight.

This afternoon, Carrie Scozzaro sits the space from noon to four.

This evening: Dan McCann is in the space from four to eight.

We know they would love to have folks visit. It’s going to be a delightful day, and warm.

We also know there are loads of folks from around the country and the state for a couple of meetings, and lots of conversations. We invite you to come by and visit our project space.

Come say hi.




Today: Jenny Hyde And Tobe Harvey

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First Friday: Jenny Hyde and Tobey Harvey!

April 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

First Friday:

Tobe Harvey: Phi

Phi is body of work created using the technique of collage
and direct painting. The materials I used are canvas, paper, oil paint,
photographs, watercolor, ink, and pencil. The work depicts unexpected
combinations of form on formats of circles, squares, and golden spirals.

Jenny Hyde: Living Room

The Living Room, an exhibition by Jenny Hyde is an art show
and interactive game all at once. For the past year, Hyde has been
documenting the house she grew up in, taking photographs of everything in
the individual rooms in a meticulous way. The multiple photographs are
stitched together digitally and then physically to create a large scale
immersive image that is close to life size. This work is part of an ongoing
investigation of American landscape.

And there is a game!

But you have to ask Jenny for an invitation to play the game! She has them printed out, and there are special places to have checked off if as you find things in the documentation.

Don’t miss out!


FREE OPENING RECEPTION Friday, April 3, 2015. 5-8 pm

Friday April 3, 2015 through Saturday April 25



This week @ Saranac Art Projects

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This week is a nice period of time for us.

We have Kate Vita and Nancy Hathaway showing work in the gallery.

Here is one of Nancy’s pieces. They are layers of work. Some if the image seems to be obscured from, maybe drawing. Part of the whole is the hand made paper, with inclusions.

We love looking at them, and thinking about what is going on as Nancy ,makes the pieces. A recurring question is what the layers suggest. Sometimes, they seem like Chinese scroll paintings. The middle passages between dramatic scenes. Or maybe they are references to Turner’s paintings and his romantic quality. Maybe after the images have been filtered through our contemporary experience.


This week, we have some delightful folks sitting the gallery. You can muse with them as you look at Nancy’s images.

Thursday: Hannah sits from noon to five pm.

Friday: Dan McCann sits from noon to four, and is followed by Lance.

Saturday: Margo Casstevens and Kurt Madison sit the gallery.

Everyone would be great to visit with while you are in the gallery.

Tell us what you see in Nancy’s paper constructions!

And just across the hall is the Saranac Pub, too.

Kate VitaPortrait

The subtle work of working

March 12, 2015 § Leave a comment


There is a subtlety to working that comes out, only after the work has been done. Our two  current shows deliver on the idea of practicing and daily work. Kate Vita set a goal of a painting a day, and the work involved in the task shows itself in the paintings in the gallery. They are delightful works engaging the light we have here. Kate is looking at the segments on the world we see. They are isolated parts, but they are the quick glimpses of light, color, and form that are a daily delight.

Nancy Hathaway has been casting and working with paper a while. These are fascinating. They have a delicate coloring. The paper itself frames the soft yellow of the core. But the core also holds threads of red and yellows.  Nancy writes about them as drawings. They have a nice drawing quality to them.  The surfaces are a fascinating texture.


Last week for Lisa and Margo’s show

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Ball in Float series

It’s been a very short month. Many of us seem to be just waking from the winter, and here is a set of images to welcome you into the spring.

You can see the work in the gallery, but this is the last week.

Yes! that means Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the last times for these pieces in the gallery!

Many have sold! Our members talked about what a delightful time they have had sitting the show, and looking at the delicate pieces, poised to lift into another land. They seem like monumental forms, isolated in their places. We have been lost in reflection on the pieces. Very nice!

We also dip back and forth into the video space, drawn by the quiet music calling to us. The images of lines are mesmerizing. In our conversations with Margo, we can see her floating in the water, wondering and delighted by the floating of air up from below her.

Such a wonderful show of work. Come by!

Thursday: Cory Sits,

Friday: Ryan Desmond starts the day, noon to 4; and Jenny Hyde is in for the evening, 4-8pm.

Saturday: Hannah sits from noon to 4, and Bradd finishes the week and show from 4-8.

Come on in. We’d love to talk with you, or just sit and listen to the music as it plays through the space.

ceramic elements with inlay slip

ceramic elements with inlay slip

Very Nice Visitors Today

January 29, 2015 § 1 Comment

First Movements

We had a very nice conversation with folks as they passed through the space this afternoon. The Feminist Club from Lewis and Clark High School stopped in after they were at KYRS. We had a delightful conversation with them about the work, working, and art.

Another couple came through as they were thinking about going to the movies this weekend at the Magic Lantern. They were excited to see Kurt’s paintings, and gave us some insights into how they are painted. Milk as a mild mask in some of the paintings.

Some backed goods floated through the space, as another visitor walked through and looked.

All in all, a very nice day.

More on Friday this week, and Saturday too!

Center Piece and Sumi

Last weekend for Kurt and Roger’s Show

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Regular Poly's

We have had a long month, but it’s coming to a close.

We’d like to remind you of the show in the space now, before it leads. This is the last weekend for Kurt Madison’s and Roger Ralston’s show.

The sumi works and mobiles leave the space after Saturday.

Lisa Nappa is sitting on Thursday until five.

Ryan Desmond sits from Noon to Four on Friday.

CArrie sits Saturday from Noon to four, and then,

Nancy is in the space to close out the show.

Come see the work.

We’d love to visit.


Kurt’s Sumi Paintings

January 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

Kurt Madison

We would like to invite you to take a look at this and other Sumi works in the gallery.

Kurt has collected together a wonderful collection of works, and they are in the gallery.

Today, We are open from Noon to Eight.

We think you will enjoy the show.

Kurts Red work

Friday: Jenny, Bradd and Hannah welcome you

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We love this image from Kurt!

It makes us think of going skiing. This weekend we think we are going to se some of that! Some of us are alpine and some are nordic skiers.

Some like to stay here in town and look at the frosting on the mountains as it piles up, awaiting for the spring, and summer.

We are welcoming the snow,


In the right places.

You can see the paintings today from noon to eight. 

Jenny is in today from noon to four.

Bradd sits from four to six, and then

Hannah is in from six to eight.

Come and take a look.

Three figures


Have you been by?

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We would love to see you when you are in the area.

Please, come and see what we have up. 

It’s grand!

Small moves

Extra days: December 23rd & 24th

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Gallery View

We have extra days for the Small Works Sale!

December 23rd and 24th are extra days!

Bernadette is sitting the 23rd, from noon to sometime later (after 5 be are sure)

Roger and Lisa are sitting the gallery from noon to 5 on Christmas eve.

That’s next week though.


Jenny Hyde is sitting Thursday from Noon to Five, then

Nancy Hathaway is in on Friday, Noon to Four, and

Jeff Huston is in from Four to Eight, Friday.

Saturday has Carrie Scozzaro in the afternoon, from Noon to Four, and

Hannah finishes the week from Four to Eight.

Kale Magnet

Eat you veggies!


Wonderful Collection! Great Time!

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Drawings and Materials Bradd Scubinna

Drawings and Materials
Bradd Scubinna

We had a slue of folks in the space last night, and then today, folks swept through on their way to the movies at the Magic Lantern. It’s been a steady stream of interested folks.

We are open a bit more for this month. Those working in the colleges are signing up for more time in the gallery.

Coma by and see the work.

Bradd dropped off some new work today. Roger has a couple of new things in the space as well.

But, if you wanted Bernadette’s Walking Totem/ Cane Shoe last and nails, it’s too late. Should have gotten that last night!

Bernadette Veilbig, Doll with teeth

Bernadette Veilbig,
Doll with teeth

Mariah’s drawing assignments

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Here is a good start to Drawing this weekend. Positive and Negative. 

Fill it in with marker. 

Melissa’s Ephemera

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Featuring works by Lisa Nappa & Chris Tyllia with select pieces from ceramic artists Linda Casbon, Linda Swanson, and Sandra Trujillo.

Displace is an exhibition focused on water as a resource, a material and a metaphor.  Water is change, movement, and flux.   Water is often an overlooked material in the ceramic process.  It gives clay many of its seductive and sensual qualities that so many ceramic artists hold dear.  It allows for clay’s responsiveness to immediate touch, manipulation, and change.  Once water is gone, the clay is frozen in time, it becomes an immutable history and tradition from which to study and evolve.  Water is the elusive and mercurial aspect of ceramics that allows for the future of the medium to remain in flux.

On Display April 7th – 29th 2017

Scorched Earth opens at the Saranac Art Projects

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Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth opens at the Saranac Art Projects in Spokane, Washington. This exhibition features collaborative works made by twin sisters, Julie and Kristen Gautier-Downes. The works exhibited are a selection of digital composites and installations which seek to make sense of the sisters’ shared trauma. The works exhibited discuss impermanence, destruction, fire, home, and the lasting marks humans have made on the landscape.

Join this creative pair for an Opening Reception on March 3rd.

Reception: Friday, March 3rd from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Exhibition: March 3, 2017 – March 29, 2017

Gallery Hours: Thurs: 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Fri – Sat: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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