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January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Danielle Hatch – Love Ate

“Love Ate” is a collaboration between artists Danielle Hatch and Emily Hawkins, together they’ve created a series of photographs which suggest the dramatic landscapes of their youth growing up next to the Wasatch Mountains. These landscapes are created from assorted junk food items which have been ground up to a mineral-like consistency. The project questions the concept of natural versus artificial, both in the food one consumes and the environments in which one exists. In addition to the photographic series, there will be a large scale installation of a landscape created with 1,000 twinkies, where viewers will be encouraged to remove and eat a twinkie, thus eroding the installation over time.

Jeff Huston – Wholeness

Over the last 18 years I have asked myself, what does it mean to be whole? I certainly know what it means to be empty. When I was ten years old my father was tragically killed in a plane crash, and the feeling of emptiness has overwhelmed me ever since. What does it mean to be a complete person, and is it possible in spite of tragedy? “Wholeness”, an art show by Jeff Huston, is a study of healing through community using found objects in human form.



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