Up coming Exhibit: Dan McCann & Garric Simonsen

September 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

On deck, we have a couple great challengers to the Spokane area making community:

Dan McCann and Garric Simonsen!

Exhibit Title: DARK LIGHT

They are both known as challenging the options and ideas of what can be done in  Spokane’s way of making things.

Remember Garric’s Cart? That piece was in Seattle,  and then he brought it the cart here. While it was here, he took it around the neighborhood to give away good to folks, like a peddler of plastic toys, except he just gave them away. It was part of performance process, looking and feeling what it’s like to give kids things, and watch the parents recoil. He has been behing a couple other projects, from the oil cans to things we think he did, but he doesn’t confirm.


Dan has been in the community for a while, and still works at making things. His project is just for the space. He has been working on it for years, and we think this is a grand project. We can’t wait to see what comes into the space.


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