Bruce Hormann and Tobe Harvey are in the Gallery

March 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

We have some wonderful paintings in the space. Tobe has been doing some nice work, and it shows. We have a large set of smaller painting. Some have sold. Some remain. It’s quiet enough to be able to think about them.

Bruce Hormann has some very nice works in the space as well. Resin in-cased/in-closed/engulfed assemblies. We were looking at them today, and it’s stunning how clear he has been able to cast the works.
Should we ask im to do a workshop on casting the resin, or at least tell us what materials he is using? Or is it more wonderful to look and dream of their beauty?
If you came by today, we hope you said hello to Shelly Williams.
Friday: Bradd is there in the afternoon, and then Hannah. The children from next door will be through at sometime, we hope. That will be a fun visit.
Dan will be there for Saturday afternoon. We have an open slot for the evening, but it should be filled by then. Someone always/mostly steps up to the duty.
Come by.
Have a visit.
Don’t forget: We are still looking for a couple folks to join. Roger talked to someone today who may join. Bernadette is working on a couple of other folks. All of them are great folks.


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