Sitting this week

August 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’d be delightful to have you come by the space today. We have a couple of folks sitting this week. And we have two very interesting sets of work in the space.

Our exhibiting artists are sitting quite a bit. This enables you to come and ask questions of the folks who made the work! We know how much fun that is, when you are looking at something, and then you just want to know, “did this come from a painting idea from a hundred years ago?” We love standing in front of works and wondering what the idea is, out-loud, with friends.
We think this is part of the work of looking, and thinking about looking. As educators, we encourage this in our classes, but we also do it out in the world. It’s not that different from trying on cloths and asking what our friend things about the piece.
So, we have members in the space to enable you to come in and look.
This week……..
Thursday: Mariah from noon to five,
Friday: Lance from noon to four, then Hannah from four to eight.
Saturday: Hannah (again) noon to four, then Bradd from four to eighth.

Come by and have a conversation. It’s one of the things we love to do here.



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