Merry Christmas

December 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

A very Merry Christmas to all our friends around the world.

We would love to have everyone over for a grand party of printing, painting, and making. It would be a lovely time.

We send lavish greetings filled with virtual warming beverages and  knosches from our best friends. You know, the Saranac Pub, Boots, Zoe’s, the MAin Market, Sante’, and our home bakers and food makers we love so much. If we could have a table set for all our friends, and to have a toast to the best of years, and years to come!

We look forward to more grand and delightful times. We look to see some and all in the gallery, and around town, and the region.

Have a grand day!

Celebrate as you can and as you wish!

We thank you and salute your stories. See you soon. 

We are open again on Thursday, noon to five.

Larry is in the house!

Figure with gift by Carrie Scozzaro

Figure with gift by Carrie Scozzaro


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