This week: We meet Hoopfest

June 26, 2014 § Leave a comment


Yes, It’s Hoopfest.

A full set of streets, activities, and delights.

It’s lovely to see so much activity in the center of Spokane. We love to see folks come to town, visit with friends, and catch-up on what’s going on in the area.

We have works by Bernadette Veilbig and Otis Bardwell fill the gallery.

Bernadette’s collection has a couple of audio/video pieces we love. You can hear them through headphones. They are little screens, but enjoyable. She is working on a couple of different ideas about losing and looking.


Otis is investigating an idea handed down to us from the First Century and the Romans! He then moved it a bit closer to our period and thought of the Byzantines and their delightful approach to things.

You can see the physical documentation of his research in the gallery.


Sitting this week:

Thursday: Larry

Friday: Bernadette from Noon to Four, and

Otis & Bernadette from Four to Eight!

Saturday: Katie Creyts From Noon to Four, and

Joh Faulks from Four to Eight.

See you in the Streets and the Gallery



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