Saranac extended Holiday hours: Open today from 1-6

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Saranac extended Holiday hours:

Open today from 1-6

Front Window: Small Works Sale 2017


Louise Kodis: Handkerchiefs, House-dresses, and Hollyhocks

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Louise has work in the gallery this month of October.

Here are some images from today.

Jenny Hyde and Katie Creyts: New Works

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Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present the new work of cooperative member artists Katie Creyts and Jenny Hyde. The exhibition opens on September 8th with a free artist reception from 5pm-9pm. The exhibition runs through September 30th. In this exhibition, the artists come together in the space with independently created new work.

Hyde is showing a series of digital prints that feature individual American made rifles. A local gun shop gave her permission to document these guns by scanning them with a photo scanner. This was done onsite in the gun shop. At first, Hyde was only interested in the .22 rifles, as a way of looking at the gun as a household tool, as it is often understood to be in most rural American homes. However, once the process started, all rifles became a point of interest – old shotguns along with newly manufactured models. These images examine cultural identity of Americans in a couple different ways – particularly looking at the romanticized depiction of isolation or “independence”.

This summer Creyts explored the northwest in a series of hikes. These adventures became pilgrimages as she personally explored the theme of hope, both dashed hopes of the past and the ever-twinkly hopefulness of the future. Creyts hiked with a mirror ball and an iPhone camera considering spaces that would respond to the ball in reflection and fragment. The captured images of the ball sidled with camping inspired the sculpture on view entitled “Tabanakkle”. Creyts considers this the shrine at the end of the trek. Also on view are selected images of the mirror ball hikes.

Julie Gautier-Downes at the Chase Gallery

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We would like to congratulate Julie Gautier-Downes on her show at the Chase Gallery.

Julie has had a couple of installations in our space, and at Terrain. Julie is a photographer documenting the left-overs of places.

Her images are poignant.

We congratulate her on the show, and the article in today’s Spokesman Review.

Julie Gautier-Downs @ the Chase, Spokesman Review Article by Audrey Overstreet

Dan McCann has been hard at work

July 13, 2017 § 1 Comment

Dan has brought in a stunning collection of pieces creating an environment you can sense is toxic.

Lead and rust every where in the room.

Lead acid batteries threatening folks in the space, not as imminent or immediate threats, but it does offer suggestions for another time.

It’s fascinating.

Opening: Friday July 7th 5-8pm, Dan McCann & Tobe Harvey

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Saranac will present a Dan McCann installation and works from Tobe Harvey

”The heaviness the color the malleability against the unpredictable the harm it can cause, death. I have been interested in these materials for many years. The work is a new direction for me. I feel the installation will bring new questions not only to the public also to myself.”  Dan McCann

Tobe Harvey has Assorted monotypes, watercolors, and drawings depicting botanical images.

Opening on Friday, July 7th from 5-8pm.

Come and say hello!

We’d love to see you and have a conversation about the work.

open Saturday as well:

Dan sits from noon to four.

Mariah is in the gallery from f0ur to eight.

 It’d be great to see you.

Echo Continues

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Meliane Lieb Taylor‘s installation: Echo

continues this week.

We are thrill by the weather this week. And welcome you to come by the gallery this week to look at Melanie Lieb Taylor‘s installation. She has put together a collection of images and objects to reflect on the Holocaust. Melanie has put a human twist to help engage you in thinking about the 30’s and 40’s in Germany. We have a collection of teath she has moodeled and covered some of the surfaces with gold leaf.

This is an illustration from a children’s book. It’s a cautionary story that the worst thing you could become is a Jew. It draws a link between Jews and fungus, growing off a host.

Thursday: Yaro Shon Neils is in the gallery from two to six.

Friday: Lisa Nappa is in the Gallery from Noon to four, then Melanie sits from four to eight.

Saturday: Roger Ralston sits from noon to four.

There are also fascinating figure forms made with flowers in the small gallery.

Come by and take a look!


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