In the midst of EAT IT or THROW IT!

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In the midst of the end of the maelstrom!

Chair for performance

Chair for performance

Come see the end.

The last performance!

From 2-6 pm

Bernadette’s Maelstrom come to a dramatic conclusion!



Last Day for Bernadette Vielbig & Robert Fifeild’s show

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Chair for performance

Chair for performance

If you have been waiting, or have missed the other performance piece Bernadette has done this month,


is the last in the series, and the last of the show.

This is a combination of ideas gleaned from the past twenty five to forty five years of exploring what art can be.

Today, Bernadette is doing Eat It or Throw It.

The image is the chair Bernadette is going to be sitting in, and the candy on the floor suggest items offered for her to eat…….

or throw!

The performance is from 2 to 6.

Bernadette is then sitting the gallery from six to closing at eight.

This week: Pivot and Maelstrom continue

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20150508_3638This week: Pivot and Maelstrom continue

Performance: Poke it with a Stick on Saturday: 2-6pm

Our shows for the month of May continue with

Bernadette Vielbig and Robert Fifield showing work.

BErnadette will have a performance this week: Poke it with a Stick.

LASt week’s performance was not what Bernadette had expected. We never know what will happen with an event. Folks from the community come in the space. We love that people visit.

We have another performance this Saturday, from 2-6.

Come by and see what this one is like.

Above is an image of sticks for the poke it project.

Sitting this week is:

Thursday: Tobe Harvey;

Friday: Katie Cryts from Noon to Four and then

Jeff Huston from Four to Eight;

Saturday: Margo Casstevens and Kurt Madison share the responsibility from Noon to Eight.

Performance on Saturday!

Today: Bernadette and the Theremin Dance!

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We have been a bit wrong about today’s performance. Only a bit, though.

Bernadette will be dancing and performing in response to the tones played on the Theremin, Not playing the instrument.

That is your place in the performance!

We would like you to engage the instrument, and through this we are looking forward to Bernadette’s interpretation of the tones.

On hand to help you navigate the ideas this afternoon is Dan McCann. He is fascinated by the possibilities of audio.

This will be very interesting!


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