Membership & Joining

Saranac Art Projects Cooperative New Member Application
Saranac Art Projects is non-profit artists cooperative designed to support and educate artists and their communities while inspiring a vibrant contemporary art culture.

Membership Requirements:

* Committing to one full year of membership, both monetarily and participatory.
* Paying Monthly Membership Fee

o $40.00 per month membership gives the artist ownership and use of half the gallery space for showing work once during the SAP calendar cycle (cycle is a calendar year from month of admission).

          (One year [12 months] x $40/month= $480/year

* Gallery Sitting
o Greeting the public and sharing information about artist and work, as well as tracking the number of visitors.
o Maintaining a clean gallery space.

* Community Outreach
o Responsible for planning the monthly community outreach event during your show (artist talk, critique, demonstration, etc.)

Application Process:
Send the following materials to (digital materials, web-site or blog preferred):

Saranac Art Projects, 25 W. Main Street, Suite 110; Spokane, WA 99201


* 10-20 images in jpg format (no larger than 1500 pixels) or 3-5 minute video (max) in DVD or QuickTime format.
* Label images; last name, title of work, date.
* Description of each image (size, materials and process)
* Current statement of work.
* Resume.
* Statement of interest; answering the question, “Why would you like to join Saranac Art Projects Cooperative?”

These materials will be reviewed by SAP through an online process and voted on at one of our monthly meetings. Applicants will be notified of acceptance as soon as possible.


§ One Response to Membership & Joining

  • Casaundra Henke says:

    I was wondering what one receives when they donate, such as, a newsletter, updates, etc.

    We are currently in the process of opening a gallery in Northern B.C., Canada, and would like to exhibit international work.

    Maybe we could collaborate?

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience, and we can talk about some ideas.


    Casaundra Henke


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