The Living Room: a game of looking

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looking for the images from the clues in Jenny's The Living Room installation.

looking for the images from the clues in Jenny’s The Living Room installation.

We have a grand, playful set of games in the gallery:

Jenny Hyde’s The Living Room, and 

Tobe Harvey’s Phi.

Both works explore ideas, and enable you to look for links between experience.

Jenny’s work is a collection and construction of images from a living room. You can look over her construction as a way of looking and spinning through a space. She has constructed a large wall piece from images printed onto cloth. The cloth has been sew together to make a massive wall piece. The images have been knit together from views in the Living Room. Looking at the images you spin around , investigating the space, and what the room contains.

The images are not placed in a linear structure, but knit, one butting up against the other. They are panoramic images made through knitting. Sometimes we have a bit of vertigo as we look at the whole of the construction. But look at the shoes, and that has grounded us.

Jenny has also provided a set of post cards. These are playing cards to enable you to look at the image for specific objects. You can check off the objects, and Jenny has provided ribbons for you to win. As you fill-out and check off the items  you find, you earn discounts on other images in the gallery. You can buy a segment of the larger construction, as an individual print, at a discounted cost.

It’s all great fun. Some of us have gotten a couple of great pieces.

Today we are open from noon to eight.

This afternoon, Carrie Scozzaro sits the space from noon to four.

This evening: Dan McCann is in the space from four to eight.

We know they would love to have folks visit. It’s going to be a delightful day, and warm.

We also know there are loads of folks from around the country and the state for a couple of meetings, and lots of conversations. We invite you to come by and visit our project space.

Come say hi.





Have you been by?

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We would love to see you when you are in the area.

Please, come and see what we have up. 

It’s grand!

Small moves

Mobiles by Rog(er)

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Small moves

If you haven’t been by the space, We have these mobiles floating through the area. We think they are fun, and nice.

Some suggest they enable us to return to our childhood, and think of simplicity, movement, and enable meditation.

Some think they have other qualities. Such as figures dancing, of movements of families in time.

As we sit the space, we love the piece in the office, made just for the members sitting. Maybe the gallery gets to keep that one, unless one of you would like to have it at home, over your bed.

See you soon!

Regular Poly's

A quick look at tonight’s work

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Here is a quick look at two of the pieces in the project space this evening.

We hope you come by to visit and say hello.

It’d be grand to see you.

Roger Ralston's wall construction.  February 2014

Roger Ralston’s wall construction.
February 2014

Setting up for Friday!

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Pieces  for Friday's opening.

Pieces for Friday’s opening.


We want to remind you of the reception we are having for First Friday.

Katie is exhibiting some new enamel on glass pieces.

The pieces are about the shore, and the oceans. The glass is beautiful, and the images are fascinating.

We are having a small works sale as well.

Here are a couple of pieces we are going to have in the space. Some of our members have some small works and pieces for display available for the month. Many of them are beautiful, and interesting. Small is a part of this, and we are excited to have a collection of intimate, personal work available.

First Friday in two days!

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We have a great opening for a couple of delightful artists!
It’s this Friday, and we are excited. Very excited!
Hannah’s paintings look wonderful. We will post a new image in the morning, promise.
And we have seen some images of Braddock up to some of his old arrangements, but he also told us he will have some flat drawing too! We remember some of those from his exhibitions at Lorinda Knight’ Gallery. We loved to look at those in the upper room, and when he had an exhibit.

And then, there is the hurried exhibit at the Chase Gallery in city hall. Meg Shiffler will be in town for the award ceremony Friday evening. Meg is from San Francisco and is in town just for this. Lisa and Roger remember her from Seattle. Meg worked at Mia Gallery in Seattle in the early ninties. She then ran Consolidated Works, also in Seattle. Consolidated was a set of spaces for performance and exhibition works in the area just south of Lake Union. That space is gone. Meg has moved onto SF, and seems to be owing wonderful work with the SF arts commission and other venues in SF.

We will definitely stop by the Chase and say hello. Some of us have work in the exhibit too! A great bonus!

And don’t forget all the other events in the area.
See you soon!
And not @ the lake this time!

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