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June 2, 2017– Saranac Art Projects, 25 W. Main St., Spokane WA 99201

In Echo, Melanie Lieb is creating an emotional environment inspired by centuries of racial persecution towards the Jewish people. This series will be executed using multiple artistic disciplines which include mixed media paintings and installation. Melanie’s paintings will explore Anti-Semitic depictions of Jews throughout history, and her installations will be haunting reminders of life and death in the concentration camps. Echo will take the viewer on a journey through the past where they will visually move forward through time, and then be forced backward as the regressive present mirrors the past. This exhibition will communicate to the Spokane community and beyond the struggles and atrocities that this small but resilient group of people have endured throughout history.

Echo will open at the Saranac Art-Projects on Friday June 2nd 2017 4-9pm

and will be open to the public for the entire month during gallery hours.. Melanie Lieb is a visual artist working in multiple medias which include painting, jewelry, sculpture, ceramic and installation. Born in 1975 and raised in the suburbs of Chicago IL,


Dan McCann, Katie Creyts, and Austin Stiegemeier

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This Last Week for the November Show

Graphite on paper

Graphite on paper

Katie Creytz has a number of beautiful graphite drawings in the gallery. She is spinning ideas about art history and personal history into new visions.

Austin Stiegemeier

Austin Stiegemeier

Austin Stiegemeier has a couple of beautiful drawings complimenting Katie’s drawings.

Dan McCann

Dan McCann

Dan’s work is made from cash that he has collected from around the world. They have a wonderful commentary made from the images on bills. Dan also made them small enough to fit into anywhere. Wonderful small, intimate work.

Gallery View of Dan McCanns installation

Bradd Skubinna and Megan Atwood Cherry

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Bradd Skubinna and Megan Atwood Cherry in the Gallery

Megan has asked her sister and her mother to join her in an investigation of materials, relationships, and place.


Bradd Skubinna has brought in a delightful collection of gouache paintings and an amazing collection of items.

His collection makes a wonderful comment on the beauty of the common, and looking at our daily lives.



Mimi Solum and Stinktown Collective (Sinnem/Kolbo)

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Great work in the gallery this month!

Jeff Huston invited an artist: Mimi Solum. It’s an amazing collection of works in the space, filing the large wall and there are pieces, the lids, on walls flanking the back wall.

These are fascinating drawings, and we are looking at the delightful multiplicity of the forms. The wall is great!

Sinners and Kolbo are at it again, with election going on, they are following their inner child.

It just won’t go to bed!

The drawings follow in Kolbo’s style, documenting their research in issues of surveillance and drone work.

They had a periscope project they did last weekend. We watched. 

It’s an election season so we are sure how we feel.

Come and see what they are doing. The work is better than what we have been seeing in Seattle!

It’s funny and interesting.

This Week: Closing on Friday

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Margo Casstevens Woman Walking

Margo Casstevens
Woman Walking

We have the last week for Margo and Aryn’s show.

This week, the last time to see all this work in one place, and at your leisure, we are open for you to come by and visit.

Thursday: Kurt Madison and Margo Casstevens sit from 2–6 pm.

Friday: Ellen Picken sits from noon to four, and

Mariah Boyle sits from four to eight.

Saturday: Mariah sits again from noon to four.


Come and see the work.

Open Today: Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields:: New Work

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Open Today: Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields

New Work

Margo Casstevens Woman Walking

Margo Casstevens
Woman Walking

We are open today from noon to eight.

We have new work in the space, by Margo Casstevens and Aryn Fields.

Margo has a stop motion animation with a long audio loop. They are a development of what Margo had shown last time, but now she has a figure moving through space. Margo’s figure is walking slowly. And she has chosen to project the image on a set of her cast paper segments.

Aryn has a set of figures she has built in clay. Aryn has added elements to help the viewer to engage in constructing a narrative. Aryn has also linked her figures with drawings to explore what the figure might include.

We are open today from Noon to Eight.

Lisa Nappa is in the gallery from noon to four, and then

Roger Ralston sits from Four to Eight.



Last Week for Mariah and Jo’s show

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Sketch books

This is the last week for Jo Quetsch and Mariah Boyle’s show at The Saranac Art Projects!

We are open this week, even with the construction and Hoopfest going on around us.

Stop in during your visit to Spokane, and see what we have up in the space.

It’s a terrific show of drawing and paintings.

Look through Jo’s sketch books. She starts with some general ideas form her experiences and develops paintings from those.

Mariah Boyle

Mariah has an open approach to images, creating the massive drawings using charcoal and water media of all sorts.

Jo Quetsch


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