Echo Continues

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Meliane Lieb Taylor‘s installation: Echo

continues this week.

We are thrill by the weather this week. And welcome you to come by the gallery this week to look at Melanie Lieb Taylor‘s installation. She has put together a collection of images and objects to reflect on the Holocaust. Melanie has put a human twist to help engage you in thinking about the 30’s and 40’s in Germany. We have a collection of teath she has moodeled and covered some of the surfaces with gold leaf.

This is an illustration from a children’s book. It’s a cautionary story that the worst thing you could become is a Jew. It draws a link between Jews and fungus, growing off a host.

Thursday: Yaro Shon Neils is in the gallery from two to six.

Friday: Lisa Nappa is in the Gallery from Noon to four, then Melanie sits from four to eight.

Saturday: Roger Ralston sits from noon to four.

There are also fascinating figure forms made with flowers in the small gallery.

Come by and take a look!



Create Spokane Arts Awards Due soon

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Use the link here to nominate your favorite arts organization in Spokane.

We would love to have a couple of touches in this.

You have a long list of folks, as do we about the best folks here. Help to give them some recognition.

Due on Monday the 15th!


Karen Moves On!

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

We saw this article in the paper this morning.

We are a little stunned, but not surprised. It has been a long time since we all felt the arts stood proud in Spokane. We have loved the work Karen has been doing with the city over the past 15 years. We were very sad, if not angry, to know she was not going to remain in the city structure and her City budget supported position.

Karen has been a hub of connection for all the creative fields in Spokane. Not just the visual arts, and definitely not just public art. The current show at the Chase gallery is one example of her work: a collaboration between visual and literary artists, and between mature and young creatives. Karen knew the broad range of artists in this community. Karen stunned us as she described best wood carver in Spokane, who is also homeless and living in a camp. Some of us have been in meetings with theater, symphony, jazz, pop, hip-hop musicians, ballet choreographers and performers, a couple visual artists, a couple owners and managers of fabricating companies, foundries, lighting specialists, the opera house, novelists, and then the painters and neon folks, and film producers, and have watched in awe as Karen steers the discussion to coordinating a project.

Yet, this is another step as Spokane and our creative community continues its re-boot cycle.

Some of us are going to re-visit the podcast of our symposium on the state of the arts in Spokane that Scott Kolbo organized.

Remember that? Remember him? Remember when the museum had an arts curator? Remember, remember?

Maybe we are just waxing nostalgic (so Spokane) about what is passing as Karen returns to her studio. We love the studio, and welcome her to keep working. But we also love what she has helped make here.

Have we got a weekend coming!

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Friday is huge here in town.
Not only do we, here at the Saranac have an opening, but members are participating in the Chase exhibit and past members are at Kolva-Sullivan as well.
Get out the walking shoes, because there are three places, at least, from one end to the other.

New exhibit opening this Friday

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New exhibit opening this Friday

Tobe Harvey and Bruce Hormann will have work in the Space this Friday!

We have a reception, and we have some exciting open hours to see the work in the quiet of the gallery, Saturday.

Don’t forget,

Mark you appointment app,

And come see us on Friday

Would you like to be a Member?

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

We are looking for members.

We are working on our lists, but we know there are others out there we:

A) Don’t Know about,

B) Have forgotten about,

C) Have just moved here and are looking for a place to explore visual options,

D) Would love to meet.

Send us a note,

Come by for a visit,

Say hello to one of the members as they walk down the street, and ask about the secret hand-shake.

How about it?

It’s a place to see what can happen.

Another reminder: Come on by Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

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We are around this week.
Thursday: Shelly
Friday: Dan and then Jeff (our President and Grand Leader)
Saturday: Margo and Kurt (which means both are around much of the time)
We love talking to folks. We would also talk about drawing, or making things.
It’s what we like to do. Make things and think about making things. Ideas behind all of it fascinate us.
But just looking is fine too.
Most of us like to look as well as make.

Bradd Scubina

Bradd Scubina

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