Last days for the Small Works Show and Ellen Picken’s Friends show

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Ellen Picken Tub o' Friends

Ellen Picken
Tub o’ Friends

Last two days for Ellen Picken’s Friends Saturday is the last day, and then the plants that have not found a new home, are out in the cold.

Come and see how many of the plants have made it.

Who needs more care than was able to be delivered.

Fuzzy Hot Dogs

Fuzzy Hot Dogs

Melanie Lieb’s Fuzzy Hot Dogs are still in the space as well as many other objects from the Small Works Sale.

Other pieces from the Camp Glasses, Prints by Margo Casstevens, and jewelry by Kurt Madison remains in the gallery.

We are open Friday from 12 to 4.

Saturday: 12 to 4 also.

Wall with objects




Bradd Skubinna and Megan Atwood Cherry

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Bradd Skubinna and Megan Atwood Cherry in the Gallery

Megan has asked her sister and her mother to join her in an investigation of materials, relationships, and place.


Bradd Skubinna has brought in a delightful collection of gouache paintings and an amazing collection of items.

His collection makes a wonderful comment on the beauty of the common, and looking at our daily lives.



Jo K. Quetsch and Mariah Boyle exhibiting in our space

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Jo K. Quetsch and Mariah Boyle exhibiting in our space

Jo K. Quetsch

Silver Linings: Jo K. Quetsch

Mixed media paintings of optimism and decisions toward good and bad new paths- looking for a silver lining. Her art journals will show development of process, content and colors.

Vivid 8

Unchartered Territory: Mariah Boyle

A series of large-scale, mixed media drawings on paper, loosely based in NW landscape, ecology and transitions across new terrain.


We are open this week:

Thursday: Dan McCann sits from 2 to 6.

Friday: Katie Creyts sits from noon to four, then

Bradd Skubinna sits from four to eight.

Saturday: Lisa Nappa sits from noon to four, then

Louise Kodis sits from four to eight.

MAC Exhibit

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We are happy to be mentioned in the Spokesman Review today!

We are so happy. And there will be a reception in a week as well! Look for cards in the mail and from our members.

Spokesman Review

Bradd Scubina Installation

@ the Saranac: March 12, 13, 14

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Kate Vita

We see you over there, wondering what this week is going to be like.

We have Kate’s paintings in the space. If you would like one, you better get in here. Not that many left!  They are smaller paintings illustrating views of light on out everyday experiences. Many are playful, illustrative vignettes of looking at the world. You know those quick moments of catching the light passing through and over translucent parts of our lives.


This is not to suggest the hand-made cast paper work of Nancy Hathaway. Her work is fascinating to delve into and investigate. Soft surfaces with thin threads of subtle color looping through the material.


We are open this week.

Our sitters are:

Thursday: Roger Ralston, noon to five.

Friday: Lisa Nappa, noon to four, and then

Katie Creyts, four to eight.

Saturday: Bernadette, noon to four, and then

Bradd from four to eight.

We’d love to see you!

Wonderful Collection! Great Time!

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Drawings and Materials Bradd Scubinna

Drawings and Materials
Bradd Scubinna

We had a slue of folks in the space last night, and then today, folks swept through on their way to the movies at the Magic Lantern. It’s been a steady stream of interested folks.

We are open a bit more for this month. Those working in the colleges are signing up for more time in the gallery.

Coma by and see the work.

Bradd dropped off some new work today. Roger has a couple of new things in the space as well.

But, if you wanted Bernadette’s Walking Totem/ Cane Shoe last and nails, it’s too late. Should have gotten that last night!

Bernadette Veilbig, Doll with teeth

Bernadette Veilbig,
Doll with teeth

Bradd’s dry lemon mandala

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We have such a good time seeing Bradd’s work. Today, a couple of visitors talked about how it looked like Andy Goldsworthy’s work. We also talked about a couple of other options, such as urban sand painting, and collage with objects, or assemblage. They asked if anything ever was permanently assembled. We said a few have been.
Some are at the MAC.




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