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June 2, 2017– Saranac Art Projects, 25 W. Main St., Spokane WA 99201

In Echo, Melanie Lieb is creating an emotional environment inspired by centuries of racial persecution towards the Jewish people. This series will be executed using multiple artistic disciplines which include mixed media paintings and installation. Melanie’s paintings will explore Anti-Semitic depictions of Jews throughout history, and her installations will be haunting reminders of life and death in the concentration camps. Echo will take the viewer on a journey through the past where they will visually move forward through time, and then be forced backward as the regressive present mirrors the past. This exhibition will communicate to the Spokane community and beyond the struggles and atrocities that this small but resilient group of people have endured throughout history.

Echo will open at the Saranac Art-Projects on Friday June 2nd 2017 4-9pm

and will be open to the public for the entire month during gallery hours.. Melanie Lieb is a visual artist working in multiple medias which include painting, jewelry, sculpture, ceramic and installation. Born in 1975 and raised in the suburbs of Chicago IL,


Border Lines Last Week & Closing Reception

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We are having a closing reception, supported by YELP!

Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, and Juventino Aranda are expected to be there from 6-8 pm.

This is a possibility to see the work before we close the show, and see the work move away from our gallery.

We have been thrilled to have the work in the space. It’s a wonderful collection of work. We delight in the exploration of lines of bounding our experiences.

Come by and say hello, and have a conversation with Juventino, Lisa, Jenny and Rachel.


Juventino Aranda

Juventino Aranda

Pair of Brooms


Border Lines opens Tonight

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Border Lines opens Tonight

Rachel Smith, Jenny Hyde, Lisa Nappa, Juventino Aranda

We have a reception this evening from 5-9.

Come and see the new pieces by Lisa and Jenny.

They have asked Rachel and Juventino to bring works up from Walla Walla.

This exhibition explores the fragility within the concepts we fabricate to construct our realities. Juventino Aranda’s sculptures and drawings substantiate the fickleness of social and political divisions. Rachel Smith’s works on paper remind us how memories provide a questionable framework of experiences. Lisa Nappa’s works in clay and photo collage evoke the subtleties of perception. Jenny Hyde’s prints question the lines between physical and digital reality. Though varied in media, the artists employ meticulousness to their process, the work shares attention to detail and obsessive execution of one’s craft.


Last days of Ryan Desmond’s Show

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acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 36″,

Last Days: Today and Tomorrow

Ryans Desmond’s show ends on Friday of this week. He is having a reception at the gallery for the show, and as a way to have informal conversations, about the work.

We are always having those conversations. It’s part of the fun of looking at art.

We think the time is right to see the work, and think about what painting is, and how it works. Ryan has been working in Richmond, VA for the past couple of weeks on painting projects. We are not talking houses, either. But, works. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see the works Friday night!

Come on by, and have a visit.

Digital collage, Patina and Acrylic on Metal. 20" x 16", 2014.

Digital collage, Patina and Acrylic on Metal.
20″ x 16″, 2014.

MAC Reception: Friday, July 31 @ 5-7PM

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MAC opening Card

Saranac Art Projects

Reception: 5-7 PM @ the MAC

This is in recognition for our exhibit at the MAC, in Browne’s Addition. Sixteen artists fro  our group have works in the show. Some of us have seen the show. Some are going to be surprised. Everything is beautiful. We are thrilled!

Come and celebrate with us!

It’s free!

That’s always nice.

ceramic elements with inlay slip

ceramic elements with inlay slip


This week-end and October

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We will post some of the things going on this weekend, soon
Ryan Desmond has a show in the space, and we have a survey of work by our members.
It looks dandy!
We will have images today, later.

Then, this Friday is First Friday for October, and the Spokane Arts tour, Create Spokane, and Terrain (part of all of this project.)
It’s going to be a busy night, Friday. Swing by then.

Saturday, we also have a gallery walk through and conversation with between Ryan and Kurt Madison about the work in our gallery.
So much to do and to see.

Some of us need a rest from thinking about it all.

Others, from doing work.

We want to thank everyone for the work they have done for this excitement!

We have a reception on the first Friday in August, (August 1st!)

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We have a reception on the first Friday in August.

From Five to Eight PM, you can come by and see what has been put in the gallery for the month.

It will be a delightful night to get out into the city, and see what’s around. You won’t need a jacket, or a coat. Too warm for any of that. We have air conditioning in the space, but during our openings the doors seem to swing open and stay there until the artists and their supporters call it a night.


We are looking forward to this in a big way. This is Mariah Boyle’s last show with us, and Connie Pierson’s first! It’s an exciting transition for us as we look forward to the fall of 2014!


Just to let you know, many other openings are going on around town. Chase Gallery in City Hall has a show opening. There is also a photography exhibit at the Main branch of the Library downtown.

Cool new artwork to match hot August nights at Saranac. Check out Mariah Boyle and Connie Pierson through August 30.

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