Two Great Shows for the Saranac: the MAC and Fresh with Hannah Koeske

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Lisa Nappa Ceramic on Steel shelves Each shelf: 8"h x 12"w x 8"d

Lisa Nappa
Ceramic on Steel shelves
Each shelf: 8″h x 12″w x 8″d

We wold like you to remember, Saranac has two venues for this month. We are at the MAC, Browne’s Addition. We have a show there of 16 of out members showing work. The works are diverse, because we are also a diverse collection of artists. We approach working in different ways, and through different materials. It shows in the show at the MAC. The MAC is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. There is an admission charged. They will be closed on Labor Day. The show closes on the 20th of September.


We also have a show of FRESH in the gallery at the east end of Main Avenue by Division. 

Cyano print on cloth

Fresh is a show of new-ish faculty in the area. We are open from noon to eight today. We don’t charge an entry to come see the work. You are also welcome to come look as you go the the Magic Lantern Theater of the Saranac Public House across the hall from us. 

Hannah Koeske has some wonderful drawings in the gallery. The drawings have a light, delicate quality to them. Some narrative is wove into the images. They have a haunting beauty we are not sure how to put a name to describe the images.

Hannah Koeske


First Friday: Fresh and Hannah Koeske @ 5-9pm

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First Friday @ 5-9pm:

Fresh and Hannah Koeske

Hannah Koeske

We have an opening reception this evening! First of the fall. We are looking forward to exhibiting a new collection of drawings by Hannah Koeske. Hannah has some very nice large drawings in the gallery for this evening. We would love to have you come and take a look.

FRESH is an invitational of the new artists at our various area universities. This is a university town. We have five colleges represented: Gonzaga, EWU, NIC, SFCC and Whitworth. Each has a new member or three. Some might not seem new, but they have new positions within their departments and are more secure than before. Others are returning to fill positions opened in the last year.

Come and see the work. Say hello to us and visit a bit. There is music downtown, and it’s a busy weekend.

We’d love to see you this evening.

This week @ Saranac Art Projects

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This week is a nice period of time for us.

We have Kate Vita and Nancy Hathaway showing work in the gallery.

Here is one of Nancy’s pieces. They are layers of work. Some if the image seems to be obscured from, maybe drawing. Part of the whole is the hand made paper, with inclusions.

We love looking at them, and thinking about what is going on as Nancy ,makes the pieces. A recurring question is what the layers suggest. Sometimes, they seem like Chinese scroll paintings. The middle passages between dramatic scenes. Or maybe they are references to Turner’s paintings and his romantic quality. Maybe after the images have been filtered through our contemporary experience.


This week, we have some delightful folks sitting the gallery. You can muse with them as you look at Nancy’s images.

Thursday: Hannah sits from noon to five pm.

Friday: Dan McCann sits from noon to four, and is followed by Lance.

Saturday: Margo Casstevens and Kurt Madison sit the gallery.

Everyone would be great to visit with while you are in the gallery.

Tell us what you see in Nancy’s paper constructions!

And just across the hall is the Saranac Pub, too.

Kate VitaPortrait

Masks are the Thing: Saturday 1-3 pm

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Kibble Painting

Masks are the thing for this Saturday, October 25th

If you have some interest, we have a mask workshop for this Saturday, from 1-3 pm.

Lance and Hannah will be helping with the mask, and solving problems as you articulate what you would like to be, other than yourself, of course. Imaginations are opne, and so is the possibility of what  can be done.

Come and see the excitement. Join in! Bring the little people to enable us to see their vision of the world.

We love that part.

It’s the best!

Ideas without Place

We look forward to seeing you this afternoon!

Hannah: Layers of images

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We went through the space today, and Hannah’s things are still a delight. The idea of painting on layers of surfaces is brilliant. Such a good idea!

Hope more come in the future.


Hannah does something wonderful!

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Hannah's Painting

Have you been by the show, yet? We are stunned by what Hannah has accomplished in the short time she has been working. It feels as though she just had a show. And we also remember her show a couple of months ago.

She has been busy.

These are delightful. Layers of glass with layers of paint. Figures working their way around the plain, and the conversation between the layers.

We are looking at them more  as we sit the space.

We haven’t mentioned the hardware, but that is a design coup as well. We would not be surprised to see others try this, too.

Hannah has done herself proud with this show. We are beaming with delight.

You really need to see this work.

Opening: First Friday: Hannah and Tobe

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Come by and look at what we have.

This time Hannah and Tobe are looking at their work in a very interesting way. Hannah’s seems to be a nice change. We are looking forward to this evening.

See you there!



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