A Little Touch of Grace

June 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

When we were in the space today, we saw this wonderful little touch.

We have a couple places in the house to put this piece.

It would do well above the text generator, a reminder of what we can do when we don’t think in straight lines.


Bernadette has moved beyond

June 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Bernadette has started a conversation with some of the beasts of her past.

We think there are a lot of little things going on in the space, and we can hardly wait to see what happens tonight.

And then when we sit the space, we will enjoy thinking and listening to the places she has been working.

Bernadette: pre-opening Pano

*please note: the ladder is not a part of the piece.*

Otis has Drawings as Well

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Did we forget to mention the drawings Otis has in the space?

Ampersand on gold

Here is one of the drawings in the show for tonight. It’s a wonderful piece that sits lusciously in the space.

A bit of an icon to the written word,

or to the internet.

Or to the process of telling stories about what we have seen.

And Otis has a great collection

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We would love to have you come by this evening.

Otis has a great collection of works in the space.

He is focusing on a shape, and then what can you do with the shape. All sorts of permutations. Loads of material options.

Come by and say hello!


Lacuna: a Pop-up Gallery

June 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

lacuna-PinkWe had this hand-bill pushed into our hand the other day. “Read it!” was her suggestion, and tell your friends, too!.

 A nice lean against the wall as she talked to us.

It looks to be an exciting show of work.

Our friend is one of the folks lighting a fire in our community. We look forward to more, and support this.

And many others this Friday.

There is music, and there are a lot of good people doing work in town.

See you out and about.

It’s A Busy Night: Friday June 6th

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Our heads are swimming with all the activity going on in town on Friday.

We have a reception form 6 to 9 PM on Friday!

Bernadette and Otis will be in the space and have a grand collection of works.

You can find some images on Facebook at our site and Bernadette’s FB site.

We will post other listing as we find them, and as we put them into some order.

Just to mention two quickly: There is a project at the plaza next to city hall. It’s named Collision. It’s a project to draw attention to a number of activities around town.

And there is something at The White Room, 117 W Pacific Ave. WE are told it’s something about the Lacuna, or something like that. It’s from 6 to 10. They have music, art and other things. It looks like a pop-up gallery, and is looking good.


More Thursday, as we collect information, and our thoughts.

Rest-up, be ready, It’s going to be a fun night to welcome the warm weather, and the start of the warm season. It looks to be a beautiful night.

Bernadette Vielbig and Otis Bardwell

June 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

We have a huge opening this Friday!

Saranac Art Projects presents new work from Bernadette Vielbig First Friday Public Reception June 6th, 6-9PM
25 West Main, downtown Spokane. Video, drawing & tableau.
Also in the space this month Otis Bardwell solo works referring to Ampersand & Byzantine Iconography. You will just have to stop in & ask him yourself. Oh, & Flav-o-pops will be frozen in abundance.

Friday 6-9 pm!

It’s just too exciting for……

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