Dan McCann, Katie Creyts, and Austin Stiegemeier

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This Last Week for the November Show

Graphite on paper

Graphite on paper

Katie Creytz has a number of beautiful graphite drawings in the gallery. She is spinning ideas about art history and personal history into new visions.

Austin Stiegemeier

Austin Stiegemeier

Austin Stiegemeier has a couple of beautiful drawings complimenting Katie’s drawings.

Dan McCann

Dan McCann

Dan’s work is made from cash that he has collected from around the world. They have a wonderful commentary made from the images on bills. Dan also made them small enough to fit into anywhere. Wonderful small, intimate work.

Gallery View of Dan McCanns installation


Jo K. Quetsch and Mariah Boyle exhibiting in our space

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Jo K. Quetsch and Mariah Boyle exhibiting in our space

Jo K. Quetsch

Silver Linings: Jo K. Quetsch

Mixed media paintings of optimism and decisions toward good and bad new paths- looking for a silver lining. Her art journals will show development of process, content and colors.

Vivid 8

Unchartered Territory: Mariah Boyle

A series of large-scale, mixed media drawings on paper, loosely based in NW landscape, ecology and transitions across new terrain.


We are open this week:

Thursday: Dan McCann sits from 2 to 6.

Friday: Katie Creyts sits from noon to four, then

Bradd Skubinna sits from four to eight.

Saturday: Lisa Nappa sits from noon to four, then

Louise Kodis sits from four to eight.

This week’s sitters

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We are open this week.

Sitting on Thursday: Dan McCann: rom 2 to 6pm.

Friday: Lisa Nappa & Roger Ralston: Noon to 8pm.

Saturday: Margo Casstevens and Kurt Madison rom Noon to 8pm.

Come visit and see what we have.

Katie Crytes

First Friday: OCTOBER! Katie Creyts and Jeff Huston

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It’s a big night!

Here is our contribution

Free of charge, opening reception:

Friday October 2, 2015 through October 31 FREE OPENING RECEPTION Friday, October 2, 2015. 5-9 pm

Katie Crytes

Katie Creyts has, for this exhibition: CoHabit, been working on graphite drawings and glass etchings of woodland animals cohabiting with humans. The imagery fractures the once symbiotic relationship, as the animals appear dislocated.


Jeff Huston The Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present new works by Jeff Huston. This work explores white male masculinity and its adverse effects on minority groups through video and concrete sculptures.

Open today! US!

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It’s Saturday, and a great day to be doing things!

We know, because we have a long list of things to do:

Farmer’s Markets,

Mowing, planting, trans-planting,

catching up on laundry,

Soccer matches to see and help with,

Walks with friends, family and our imaginations.

There are folks downtown setting up chairs for a parade this evening. Some of us like parades. Some don’t enjoy them too much.

As you wander around today, we’d love to see you and show you what is in the space.


Katie Creyts and Lance Sinnema’s work is up. It’s wonderfully entertaining. Yet a point to start thinking about more than entertainment. Lance’s constructions are interesting in how they are disguising the described images under the text.  It’s all wrapped up in a layer of words, none of which effectively tell the viewer what the image is behind the wrapper. A very nice idea. A challenge to think about how we use language, and how our language deceives us.

Parmetella Passes through MidnightKatie  Creyts’s work moves beyond and behind words as she tells stories. The stories are about how we are expected to behave, and how those expectations are placed before us. Katie has a number of forms in the space. This image seems to come with a narrative delightful in its telling, and chilling in its implications. Maybe there is an idea from or about swimming this summer.

Or stepping into the present.

Come on by! Muse with us about the possibilities of the work.

Carrie Scozarro is sitting the space from noon to four. That’s a prime time to be staking-out your seating for the parade.

Bradd Skubinna is in from four to eight. 



Katie Creyts new work

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We love the table of plenty in the space. It looks great.
Katie is sitting this afternoon in the gallery.
Come look at the work and say hello.

Take a look

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Cast Glass

Cast Glass

We were looking at this piece the other day. We had a nice conversation about how it would feel to have a whale float by us as it took a look.

We all take a side long glance at the world, once in a while.

This is a nice reminder of the other looks from others.

Thanks Katie Creyts,

for the piece,

and a chance to have a conversation.

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