Kurt makes Figures

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PolyCromed Figure


This week @ Saranac Art Projects

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This week is a nice period of time for us.

We have Kate Vita and Nancy Hathaway showing work in the gallery.

Here is one of Nancy’s pieces. They are layers of work. Some if the image seems to be obscured from, maybe drawing. Part of the whole is the hand made paper, with inclusions.

We love looking at them, and thinking about what is going on as Nancy ,makes the pieces. A recurring question is what the layers suggest. Sometimes, they seem like Chinese scroll paintings. The middle passages between dramatic scenes. Or maybe they are references to Turner’s paintings and his romantic quality. Maybe after the images have been filtered through our contemporary experience.


This week, we have some delightful folks sitting the gallery. You can muse with them as you look at Nancy’s images.

Thursday: Hannah sits from noon to five pm.

Friday: Dan McCann sits from noon to four, and is followed by Lance.

Saturday: Margo Casstevens and Kurt Madison sit the gallery.

Everyone would be great to visit with while you are in the gallery.

Tell us what you see in Nancy’s paper constructions!

And just across the hall is the Saranac Pub, too.

Kate VitaPortrait

Conversation with Kurt

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Today at about 3, Kurt Madison will be in the gallery to talk about his work. A Floating World ends today. Kurt’s exploration of his work will be fascinating.
We are sure he will wander through a number of paths we hadn’t thought to go down.


Very Nice Visitors Today

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First Movements

We had a very nice conversation with folks as they passed through the space this afternoon. The Feminist Club from Lewis and Clark High School stopped in after they were at KYRS. We had a delightful conversation with them about the work, working, and art.

Another couple came through as they were thinking about going to the movies this weekend at the Magic Lantern. They were excited to see Kurt’s paintings, and gave us some insights into how they are painted. Milk as a mild mask in some of the paintings.

Some backed goods floated through the space, as another visitor walked through and looked.

All in all, a very nice day.

More on Friday this week, and Saturday too!

Center Piece and Sumi

Last weekend for Kurt and Roger’s Show

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Regular Poly's

We have had a long month, but it’s coming to a close.

We’d like to remind you of the show in the space now, before it leads. This is the last weekend for Kurt Madison’s and Roger Ralston’s show.

The sumi works and mobiles leave the space after Saturday.

Lisa Nappa is sitting on Thursday until five.

Ryan Desmond sits from Noon to Four on Friday.

CArrie sits Saturday from Noon to four, and then,

Nancy is in the space to close out the show.

Come see the work.

We’d love to visit.


Kurt’s Sumi Paintings

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Kurt Madison

We would like to invite you to take a look at this and other Sumi works in the gallery.

Kurt has collected together a wonderful collection of works, and they are in the gallery.

Today, We are open from Noon to Eight.

We think you will enjoy the show.

Kurts Red work

Friday: Jenny, Bradd and Hannah welcome you

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We love this image from Kurt!

It makes us think of going skiing. This weekend we think we are going to se some of that! Some of us are alpine and some are nordic skiers.

Some like to stay here in town and look at the frosting on the mountains as it piles up, awaiting for the spring, and summer.

We are welcoming the snow,


In the right places.

You can see the paintings today from noon to eight. 

Jenny is in today from noon to four.

Bradd sits from four to six, and then

Hannah is in from six to eight.

Come and take a look.

Three figures


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