This Week @ Saranac Art Projects: Last week for MAC show & Fresh w/ Hannah Koeske

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Painting with construction

Painting with construction by Lance Sinnema

Our exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is coming to a close. This weekend is the last weekend and Saturday is a FREE day provided by STCU. It’s a great time to go and see some work we have up in the space.

At the top of this post is a piece by Lance Sinnema. These are paintings he reworks, and wraps using text as a comment on seeing.


This is a single image from Jeff Huston’s piece, a video about the idea of work. Layers of video are projected on a collection of core footings, like the foundation of a porch.

Ceramic Bowls

We also have Fresh  in our space. This is an exhibit of new faculty from around the area. Some of them have been members of our gallery. We are delighted to have their work in our space.

We are always free and open to the public. Come by this week and take a look at what is up in the gallery. Don’t forget Hannah Koeske’s collection of paintings and drawings in our small space. She has a set of her cereal  box drawings on the white wall, and her paintings reveal interesting dialogs.

Hannah Koeske

This week we are open from:

2-6pm on Thursday, with Dan McCann sitting the gallery,

Noon – 8 pm Friday, with Chatham from Noon to four, and Jeff Huston from four to eight, and

Noon – 8pm Saturday, with Carrie Scozarro from noon to four, and Aryn from four to eight pm.



Two Great Shows for the Saranac: the MAC and Fresh with Hannah Koeske

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Lisa Nappa Ceramic on Steel shelves Each shelf: 8"h x 12"w x 8"d

Lisa Nappa
Ceramic on Steel shelves
Each shelf: 8″h x 12″w x 8″d

We wold like you to remember, Saranac has two venues for this month. We are at the MAC, Browne’s Addition. We have a show there of 16 of out members showing work. The works are diverse, because we are also a diverse collection of artists. We approach working in different ways, and through different materials. It shows in the show at the MAC. The MAC is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. There is an admission charged. They will be closed on Labor Day. The show closes on the 20th of September.


We also have a show of FRESH in the gallery at the east end of Main Avenue by Division. 

Cyano print on cloth

Fresh is a show of new-ish faculty in the area. We are open from noon to eight today. We don’t charge an entry to come see the work. You are also welcome to come look as you go the the Magic Lantern Theater of the Saranac Public House across the hall from us. 

Hannah Koeske has some wonderful drawings in the gallery. The drawings have a light, delicate quality to them. Some narrative is wove into the images. They have a haunting beauty we are not sure how to put a name to describe the images.

Hannah Koeske

Saranac at the MAC

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MAC opening Card

We have our work at the MAC until the end of September.

We would love to have you take a look at it. We feel the collection is strong and diverse.

Many of the artists involved have been in exhibits all around the world, and here we have a beautiful, open installation of works.

A nice conversation around space and investigating ideas.


MAC Exhibit

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We are happy to be mentioned in the Spokesman Review today!

We are so happy. And there will be a reception in a week as well! Look for cards in the mail and from our members.

Spokesman Review

Bradd Scubina Installation

MAC Reception: Friday, July 31 @ 5-7PM

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MAC opening Card

Saranac Art Projects

Reception: 5-7 PM @ the MAC

This is in recognition for our exhibit at the MAC, in Browne’s Addition. Sixteen artists fro  our group have works in the show. Some of us have seen the show. Some are going to be surprised. Everything is beautiful. We are thrilled!

Come and celebrate with us!

It’s free!

That’s always nice.

ceramic elements with inlay slip

ceramic elements with inlay slip


On the Radio: Bernadette Vielbig, Jeff Huston and Roger Ralston

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Bradd Scubina Installation

Thursday Bernadette Vielbig, Jeff Huston, and Roger Ralston will be on the air at KYRS.

We are looking forward to them having a conversation with Jennifer LaRue and Jesse Swanson on the KYRS arts program. The program is from 3:00-4:00 on Thursday. You can  find KYRS at 88.1 & 92.3 fm, and at They also have a long list of other locations, such as iTunes, and KYRS

They will be talking about the Art Project and our exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Our exhibition is open now for you to go by an visit. There is a reception and check with your friendly member about the specifics.

MAC opening Card


Sabrina Gschwandtner: Visiting artist visit this week

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Schedule for Sabrina Gschwandtner’s visit this week:

Wed., Feb. 12 at Noon EWU Art Department, Auditorium
Wed., Feb. 12 at 6:30 pm NW Museum of Arts & Culture, Auditorium
Thurs., Feb. 13 at 11:30 am Thurs., Feb. 13 at 11:30 am SFCC Building 24 (Sn-w’ey’-mn), Room 110


We are excited to have an artist working in a new way with an old media. Sabrina is a weaver. But she uses old movies as her materials. She is giving three presentations in town this week.

The schedule is above. Tomorrow she’s at EWU’s Art department at noon, Then she’s at the MAC in Browne’s addition for an evening presentation. Thursday she is at The Falls, in building 24.

All of the presentations are free to attend! The cost is covered by a whole raft of organizations.

This is one of the high-lights of town, and a sign of what we can do here as we work together on things to accomplish great things. We are looking forward to the presentations.

See you at one of them!

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