Ryan Desmond Shows Broad Skills and Humor

July 30, 2015 § 1 Comment

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 30″,

Have you thought of leaving a couch out in the winter, and seeing what happens? Ryan, shows us one side of the end.

We love this work!

It’s funny. It looks at painting as a way of thinking, not only about painting, but about looking, and experiencing the world. How do you structure the world? What are you experiences, and how does this structure your understanding? And Expectations?

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 30″,


Connie has some delightful Encaustics

August 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

We are delighted to see Connie’s new paintings. They are beautiful. The media enables her to develop multilayered images, and subtle changes in the image as she works.

She is working with some wonderful ideas as well. Nice use of found materials, and then the inlaying of lines, with some overlay of media.


Dan McCann sits on Friday afternoon from noon to four, and then

Bradd Skubinna is in the gallery Friday from four to eight.

Bernadette Y Vielbig sits the gallery on Saturday from noon to four, then

Carrie Scozarro is in the gallery Saturday from four to eight.

Have you been by?

January 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

Stop in on your way to one of the Film festival’s shows at the Magic Lantern. We open the doors at noon, and you can visit Hanna’s and Tobe’s show until eight.

We would love to see you.

Here is one of Tobe’s paintings. He has a wonderful touch with color.

Tobe Harvey

Aurora Imagined

March 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Aurora Imagined

One of Tobe’s paintings

Jen Erickson Exhibition opening on December 7th,

December 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Jen Erickson Exhibition opening on December 7th, in the space.

Come on in for the reception on Friday.

But we are open on Saturday as well.

You know Jen’s work. She has all those slamm marks, working themselves over the surface of the paintings. They are beautiful, and subtle.Jen Erickson: painting

Ceramic wall box with slip inlay

Ceramic wall box with slip inlay

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