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We have, or Bradd selected a group of works we have in the gallery for this month. The works in the Prime Exhibit are also in for a second set of opportunities: a People’s Choice Award. We have ballots in the gallery for you to name you selection for the best work. We have our choice, but members of the gallery are not allowed to select.

It is up to people who come through the space to make the choice.

And there is a cash award for the best selected!

Come by and see the work.

This week’s line-up of sitters:

Thursday: Ryan Desmond,

Friday: Roger Ralston in the evening,

Saturday: Mariah Boyle in the afternoon, then Ryan Babcock in the evening.

Stephen Chalmers

Stephen Chalmers




Prime Exhibit Winners!

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Prime Exhibition: 2013

Winning Artists


Molly Wicks: Map #5

Travis Masingale: Primer

Jennifer Saracino: Washington towers & Untitled (2401-01)

Stephen Chalmers: 257885161-1

Larry Ellingson: Superstition

Tom Quinn: Concert on the Grass

Lodiza Lepore: Heard this Song Before

Susan Fairfax: Bison Bison

Rod Peterson: Primary Woman with Blue Eyes


Look at What We Have in Store!

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Wall installation of materials

Wall installation of materials

We have a wonderful collection of works in the project space for this month!


We have a set of images and objects from a national call for works. From this call we have work from the area, and from the east, midwest, and down coast from here. The work is wonderful. Tom Quinn has a painting in the exhibit, and we are tickled pink to have him in the exhibit. He has a nice take on history.

There are two sculpture in the space, a couple bison, and a figure bust (a little redundancy there pal) you may have seen in the Spokesman Review this morning. There is also a 2.5 dimensional construction about prime in a couple configurations: prime number vs priming the creative pump.

And the latest prime number, too!

We were tickled to see that one show up.

It has a Prime spot, of course.

Then there is the section of the Collections by our members: ARTifacts

So this is where we had some fun. We asked Bradd Skubinna, one of our members and the jurer for the Prime Exhibit, to pick things from the member’s collections which compliment the Prime exhibit. He has pulled somethings that are very interesting. Many of us are collectors of objects and images. It’s a bit like a chef liking to eat out and trying different places to eat. Or looking at a writer’s book shelf.

We have collections.

Not only are there objects though, there are a set of images, quotes, and pieces pinned to a wall. This might be a reflective collection, or a collection for reflection. Anyway, it provoked our reflection as we looked at it this morning.  All of us think, reflect, and consider as we work. Our studios tend to have a space for this type of a collection. The collections may only be in our minds, as voices of reference points.

This can be though about and framed in two ways:

First there is Margaret Atwood, a Canadian Writer. She gave a set of lectures entitled, Negotiating with the Dead. We do a lot of talking to folks who live with us in our minds and reflective spaces. The title to the lecture suggests one way we work.

The best statement we have found is from John Cage.  He said he would enter his workspace, and all of these folks he knew would be with him: history, friends, teachers, enemies, the Art world, piles of folks. But, he knew he was truly blessed in his working when even he left the room.

The reflection wall suggests this to us. It articulates both the accumulation and collection, but also the desire and need to clear way the desk top to get to work. There is even a desk to work at, right there under the history.

You need to see it.

Prime & ARTifacts up and ready for Friday

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Thanks to Bradd Scubina for curating ARTifacts and jurying PRIME. We got some really
interesting stuff. It’s mostly installed and, wow, the public is going to
enjoy this exhibition. Really cool idea.

And thanks to Bernadette and Larry for the thankless task of doing the
install yesterday. We got both shows put up and we are looking forward with glee for the celebration friday evening!

Last Hours! Waiting for your Entries

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We are waiting for all those who have told us they are entering our juried exhibition.

Sitting here, and looking at the site, and wondering, worrying, and counting.

We know we wait until the last minute too.

Come on and do the work.


Exhibition: PRIME! Deadline Looms!

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Entry to the PRIME exhibition is in a couple of days!

Don’t forget!

Don’t let the time slip by!

Get to work, and then, also, document the piece!

We are counting on you!

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