On the Radio: Bernadette Vielbig, Jeff Huston and Roger Ralston

July 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bradd Scubina Installation

Thursday Bernadette Vielbig, Jeff Huston, and Roger Ralston will be on the air at KYRS.

We are looking forward to them having a conversation with Jennifer LaRue and Jesse Swanson on the KYRS arts program. The program is from 3:00-4:00 on Thursday. You can  find KYRS at 88.1 & 92.3 fm, and at kyrs.org/listen. They also have a long list of other locations, such as iTunes, and KYRS @broadcastmatrix.com

They will be talking about the Art Project and our exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Our exhibition is open now for you to go by an visit. There is a reception and check with your friendly member about the specifics.

MAC opening Card



Very Nice Visitors Today

January 29, 2015 § 1 Comment

First Movements

We had a very nice conversation with folks as they passed through the space this afternoon. The Feminist Club from Lewis and Clark High School stopped in after they were at KYRS. We had a delightful conversation with them about the work, working, and art.

Another couple came through as they were thinking about going to the movies this weekend at the Magic Lantern. They were excited to see Kurt’s paintings, and gave us some insights into how they are painted. Milk as a mild mask in some of the paintings.

Some backed goods floated through the space, as another visitor walked through and looked.

All in all, a very nice day.

More on Friday this week, and Saturday too!

Center Piece and Sumi

Subtle movements and reflective moments

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Mobiles and Sumi painting.
Fog in the valley.
A break for the weekend.

Mobiles by Rog(er)

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Small moves

If you haven’t been by the space, We have these mobiles floating through the area. We think they are fun, and nice.

Some suggest they enable us to return to our childhood, and think of simplicity, movement, and enable meditation.

Some think they have other qualities. Such as figures dancing, of movements of families in time.

As we sit the space, we love the piece in the office, made just for the members sitting. Maybe the gallery gets to keep that one, unless one of you would like to have it at home, over your bed.

See you soon!

Regular Poly's

A quick look at tonight’s work

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Here is a quick look at two of the pieces in the project space this evening.

We hope you come by to visit and say hello.

It’d be grand to see you.

Roger Ralston's wall construction.  February 2014

Roger Ralston’s wall construction.
February 2014

What are you doing tonight?

February 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s a busy night in Spokane!

It’s cold, but not as cold as the past couple of days, so might as well see what’s out there.
We have an opening reception for Jon Faulks and Roger Ralston.
They have been working, in the gallery. It’s not a typical delivery of work for the walls, or the space. We will post images later today to show yo some of what’s there.
We know there are also numerous receptions all over town. Auntie’s, the LIbrary, The Pub next door has something, we think. Vin du Van has something too.
The front page of the Spokesman Review had a big splash of images and mentions.
It is February’s First Friday Art Walk after all. All the stops have been pulled to make the best show of Spokane!
See you tonight!

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