Ryan Desmond Shows Broad Skills and Humor

July 30, 2015 § 1 Comment

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 30″,

Have you thought of leaving a couch out in the winter, and seeing what happens? Ryan, shows us one side of the end.

We love this work!

It’s funny. It looks at painting as a way of thinking, not only about painting, but about looking, and experiencing the world. How do you structure the world? What are you experiences, and how does this structure your understanding? And Expectations?

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2015

acrylic on canvas,
24″ x 30″,


Kurt and Ryan talk about the work in the Gallery

October 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Kurt and Ryan: what is this?


detail from A Man and His Cat

detail from A Man and His Cat

Today at 1 pm, Kurt and Ryan will be talking about the work in the gallery.

We loved how many folks came around to see us last night. It was a great time. We also loved all the excitement form the Terrain project.

So much was going on last night, we had a difficult time keeping up with everything.

We know many of the venues we were not able to visit are open today, and welcoming folks to come by and visit. We are looking forward to a few, less frantic conversations, and some time to look and reflect on what folks are showing in town.

We are open today from Noon to Eight.

Hannah sits the gallery from noon to four,

and then we will see who is in the space.

This afternoon: A Gallery Conversation about Art, Working, and what we have

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We have a conversation between Kurt Madison and Ryan Desmond about the work in the gallery for the month of October.

You know this is Create Spokane month, yes?

We are doing this as part of the Create Spokane, and as a part of what we see as an educational part of our work as a gallery.

This is not to say the conversation is closed, or stuffy, or without its edges. We are looking forward to these two talking about what we have. They are very entertaining, by themselves.

Together is going to be a very interesting project.

It’ll be loads of fun.

You can join in, of course.

We welcome and encourage you to join in with your observations as well as listen to our members.


Don’t Forget to See Us TONIGHT!

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Stamping Away

We would like for you to not jump off the ledge of this evening without visiting our humble gallery. We have a show, New to You, opening this evening. We know the work is a delightful collection. Many of our members are out and around this evening, as are many members of the Arts Community of Spokane.

Come leave you stamp on our space this evening.

Then go see Terrain. Some of us have work there as well.

And don’t forget Saturday @ 1 PM, Ryan and Kurt are having a conversation about the things in our space.

That’ll be loads of fun.

First Friday Opening! Ryan Babcock and Jeff Huston

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ryan Babcock and Jeff Huston

have exhibits opening this evening!

We are thrilled with what they have coming into the space. Just wonderful work.

And, there is a live painting performance this evening as well as our classic reception.

There are also a number of openings around the area

It is First Friday after all.

We have heard of a couple:

Karen Mobley has an exhibit at Design Spike, in the LIberty Building (that’s where Auntie’s is)

Kolva/Sullivan has something by Megan Finch (something to do with cigarettes)

SFCC Design folks are at Seven2, just up the street from us,

There is a Typography Exhibit at a little place across from Jones Radiator on Sprague (watch that kerning!),

Don’t forget Tim Ely’s exhibit at the Tin Man way up in the Garland District,

We are sure we have missed a few others. There are lots of things to see, and places to visit.

See you tonight, someplace!

Ryan Desmond and Cori McWilliams are in the Space

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Cori's hand printed wall banners

Cori’s hand printed wall banners

Wall banners and curve
Wall banners and curve


Here are some images from Cori’s installation at the Saranac Art Projects.


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