Last Week for Bernadette Vielbig and Louise Kodis show

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Last week for the January show.

We have had loads of folks coming through the space. A wonderful mix of folks from the Arts community of Spokane. We have had some good conversations about the history of Spokane, and the high plains of Eastern Washington.

We have also talked about the playfulness of pulling things together. We love the conversations about how to use materials in different ways to open our imagination to “what if” options.

Today: Ellen Picken sits the gallery today from two to six.

Friday: Mariah Boyle is in from noon to four, and then

Lisa Nappa and Jenny Hyde are closing the time from four to eight.

Saturday: Kurt Madison is in from noon to four, and

Hannah Koeske closes the gallery from four to eight.

There is an opening reception for Women+Art+Media at the Richmond Art Collective.

Check them out tonight from four to nine at the Richmond.

We have a number of members showing there.



Small Works Show for December

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Small Works Card 2015

We return with our Small Works Sale for the month of December.

We have a number of smaller works our members have made we think of as approachable objects to enable art to be in your hands and lives.

We know art is everywhere. We also think a small bit of something can bring forth a memory of time, an experience, or a conversation.

We will have images in the coming days and weeks.

Our reception is Friday from 4 to 9.

Come and visit.

This Week @ Saranac Art Projects: Last week for MAC show & Fresh w/ Hannah Koeske

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Painting with construction

Painting with construction by Lance Sinnema

Our exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is coming to a close. This weekend is the last weekend and Saturday is a FREE day provided by STCU. It’s a great time to go and see some work we have up in the space.

At the top of this post is a piece by Lance Sinnema. These are paintings he reworks, and wraps using text as a comment on seeing.


This is a single image from Jeff Huston’s piece, a video about the idea of work. Layers of video are projected on a collection of core footings, like the foundation of a porch.

Ceramic Bowls

We also have Fresh  in our space. This is an exhibit of new faculty from around the area. Some of them have been members of our gallery. We are delighted to have their work in our space.

We are always free and open to the public. Come by this week and take a look at what is up in the gallery. Don’t forget Hannah Koeske’s collection of paintings and drawings in our small space. She has a set of her cereal  box drawings on the white wall, and her paintings reveal interesting dialogs.

Hannah Koeske

This week we are open from:

2-6pm on Thursday, with Dan McCann sitting the gallery,

Noon – 8 pm Friday, with Chatham from Noon to four, and Jeff Huston from four to eight, and

Noon – 8pm Saturday, with Carrie Scozarro from noon to four, and Aryn from four to eight pm.


And Otis has a great collection

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We would love to have you come by this evening.

Otis has a great collection of works in the space.

He is focusing on a shape, and then what can you do with the shape. All sorts of permutations. Loads of material options.

Come by and say hello!


Last days for January Show

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Tobe HarveyLast days for the show we have up in the gallery. We know it’s suppose to be closing, but we love it soooo much!

And we would love to have you see Tobe and Hannah’s work.

Come on by and visit for a bit.

Merry Christmas

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A very Merry Christmas to all our friends around the world.

We would love to have everyone over for a grand party of printing, painting, and making. It would be a lovely time.

We send lavish greetings filled with virtual warming beverages and  knosches from our best friends. You know, the Saranac Pub, Boots, Zoe’s, the MAin Market, Sante’, and our home bakers and food makers we love so much. If we could have a table set for all our friends, and to have a toast to the best of years, and years to come!

We look forward to more grand and delightful times. We look to see some and all in the gallery, and around town, and the region.

Have a grand day!

Celebrate as you can and as you wish!

We thank you and salute your stories. See you soon. 

We are open again on Thursday, noon to five.

Larry is in the house!

Figure with gift by Carrie Scozzaro

Figure with gift by Carrie Scozzaro

Take a look

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Cast Glass

Cast Glass

We were looking at this piece the other day. We had a nice conversation about how it would feel to have a whale float by us as it took a look.

We all take a side long glance at the world, once in a while.

This is a nice reminder of the other looks from others.

Thanks Katie Creyts,

for the piece,

and a chance to have a conversation.

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