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Cast Glass

Cast Glass

We were looking at this piece the other day. We had a nice conversation about how it would feel to have a whale float by us as it took a look.

We all take a side long glance at the world, once in a while.

This is a nice reminder of the other looks from others.

Thanks Katie Creyts,

for the piece,

and a chance to have a conversation.


Would you like to be a Member?

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

We are looking for members.

We are working on our lists, but we know there are others out there we:

A) Don’t Know about,

B) Have forgotten about,

C) Have just moved here and are looking for a place to explore visual options,

D) Would love to meet.

Send us a note,

Come by for a visit,

Say hello to one of the members as they walk down the street, and ask about the secret hand-shake.

How about it?

It’s a place to see what can happen.

Open and Excited

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Come see what Larry and Nancy have in the space.

Larry has a collection which sparks our imagination. We know the kids from next door will have a good time looking and imagining where Larry has picked up his pieces. The lighted forms are fun.

Nancy has brought in work by Cory Peeke. We have yet to see that, but the image we have is a good one. The title tells a story resonating with many.


Lapel Pin Series

We think scale could be a challenge.


One Million Bones: Sunday December 2nd, noon to 5 PM

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Friday is the last day for the current exhibit

And following:

One Million Bones

This is a project recognizing and remembering the genocides and humanitarian crisis through out the world.

There will be a collection of bones made by students in Washington state, as a process of education, and remembrance.

This is only on one day, so come by for this exhibit.

One Million Bones

Saranac Art Projects is looking for a few more members

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Saranac Art Projects is looking for a few more members. Are you interested in direct envolvement in an exhibit space committed to challenging work? Are you interested in helping with Spokane’s visual research lab? Think you can  help us re-define what visual culture can be, and can be understood as in the upper Columbia watershed?

We need some members, and people with vision about what visual culture can be here. We are not saying we have the answer. We are dedicated to trying things, and participating in the conversation about what our culture can be here.

Check out the membership application guide lines.

Front of space

Hi there! Come on in and take a look.

We would love to hear from you.

Arts support the economy

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But we here know that. We are a part of the economy, making things, sharing ideas trying to find a method of keeping excitement alive between us and within us.

This is, to turn it back to the auction, why we are supporting KYRS. It’s one spot where the ideas of art and exploring and investigating mix into a broad stream of experience. Music is ephemeral. This is the reason performance music is so wonderful. We can see the players play within the structure they have to work within.

Dj’s have become another method of music making. They are remaking by re-mixing. It’s not like the process is different at a meta-scale.

Come play with us next Friday. See the DJ’s do their thing! It’s ephemeral, and delightful.


Saranac Supports: Art for Radio

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Our August show is

a work of collaboration between

DJ’s at KYRS and Saranac Art Projects Members and

Other Invited Artists

The collaboration began with audio compilations created

by the KYRS team that were given to artists in the community.  Each

artist is making work inspired by the audio.

And then

we are having a silent auction for you to have the works to take home. Our members are all excited about this. You should have seen the hands go up when Bernadette asked who wanted to do something. We love to see what happens when we work. It is a wonderful step to see new vistas spring out from something new collaborative territory”

We love looking and moving around in those spaces.

And don’t forget: the Closing Party! August 24: 5 to 8 pm

Poster announcement for KYRS/Saranac Art for Radio

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