The Living Room: a game of looking

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looking for the images from the clues in Jenny's The Living Room installation.

looking for the images from the clues in Jenny’s The Living Room installation.

We have a grand, playful set of games in the gallery:

Jenny Hyde’s The Living Room, and 

Tobe Harvey’s Phi.

Both works explore ideas, and enable you to look for links between experience.

Jenny’s work is a collection and construction of images from a living room. You can look over her construction as a way of looking and spinning through a space. She has constructed a large wall piece from images printed onto cloth. The cloth has been sew together to make a massive wall piece. The images have been knit together from views in the Living Room. Looking at the images you spin around , investigating the space, and what the room contains.

The images are not placed in a linear structure, but knit, one butting up against the other. They are panoramic images made through knitting. Sometimes we have a bit of vertigo as we look at the whole of the construction. But look at the shoes, and that has grounded us.

Jenny has also provided a set of post cards. These are playing cards to enable you to look at the image for specific objects. You can check off the objects, and Jenny has provided ribbons for you to win. As you fill-out and check off the items  you find, you earn discounts on other images in the gallery. You can buy a segment of the larger construction, as an individual print, at a discounted cost.

It’s all great fun. Some of us have gotten a couple of great pieces.

Today we are open from noon to eight.

This afternoon, Carrie Scozzaro sits the space from noon to four.

This evening: Dan McCann is in the space from four to eight.

We know they would love to have folks visit. It’s going to be a delightful day, and warm.

We also know there are loads of folks from around the country and the state for a couple of meetings, and lots of conversations. We invite you to come by and visit our project space.

Come say hi.





First Friday: Jenny Hyde and Tobey Harvey!

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First Friday:

Tobe Harvey: Phi

Phi is body of work created using the technique of collage
and direct painting. The materials I used are canvas, paper, oil paint,
photographs, watercolor, ink, and pencil. The work depicts unexpected
combinations of form on formats of circles, squares, and golden spirals.

Jenny Hyde: Living Room

The Living Room, an exhibition by Jenny Hyde is an art show
and interactive game all at once. For the past year, Hyde has been
documenting the house she grew up in, taking photographs of everything in
the individual rooms in a meticulous way. The multiple photographs are
stitched together digitally and then physically to create a large scale
immersive image that is close to life size. This work is part of an ongoing
investigation of American landscape.

And there is a game!

But you have to ask Jenny for an invitation to play the game! She has them printed out, and there are special places to have checked off if as you find things in the documentation.

Don’t miss out!


FREE OPENING RECEPTION Friday, April 3, 2015. 5-8 pm

Friday April 3, 2015 through Saturday April 25



Watercolor with Tobe Harvey 1 to 3 PM

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Match boxes by Tobey Harvey. Small Works sale December 2013

Match boxes by Tobey Harvey.
Small Works sale December 2013

We have Tobe Harvey in or space today giving a workshop on watercolor painting.

The work he does is very interesting. You can see from the match box paintings above. This is an image from this past December and our Small works show.

Today, Tobe will be helping you make your own painting!

We are providing materials and the instruction free of charge. You are going to be able to walk off with a small piece from the time with Tobe. The best part is you will be walking away with the experience of painting! Trying something and doing some work is the best way to learn. You will be able to ask Tobe questions as you work on your piece. And then, you will be able to do more when you return to your home, this evening. We are sure you will have the skills to do more. You can get materials to do water colors at home in many places. We often get things at Spokane Art on Monroe. They have a good collection of folks working there who know what they are doing, and can direct you to getting started. A small set of brushes and a set of pan colors is about all you need to start.

Workshop is 1 to 3 PM.


If you go early, visit with Margo Cass-Stevens or Kurt Madison about the work in the space, and that they think about it. Kurt was wonderful last week in his presentation and conversation about the work. We would love to see you, for the workshop or to look and muse about the work in the gallery. Looks like it will be a nice day to visit.

We are located at 25 West Main Street.

One block west of Division.

Tobe Harvey for a free workshop on Saturday October 11th @ 1 PM!

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Match boxes by Tobey Harvey. Small Works sale December 2013

Match boxes by Tobey Harvey.
Small Works sale December 2013

Join Tobe Harvey for a free workshop on Saturday October 11th at the Saranac Art Projects Gallery.

From 1-3 PM Harvey will demonstrate his watercolors on matchboxes for the public. The first 8 participants will get supplies to make one to keep for themselves.

All materials will be provided, the public is welcome to watch even if not participating.

This is free & open to the public, no pre-registration, but rather a first come, first served workshop open to ages 8 & up.

Last days for January Show

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Tobe HarveyLast days for the show we have up in the gallery. We know it’s suppose to be closing, but we love it soooo much!

And we would love to have you see Tobe and Hannah’s work.

Come on by and visit for a bit.

Have you been by?

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Stop in on your way to one of the Film festival’s shows at the Magic Lantern. We open the doors at noon, and you can visit Hanna’s and Tobe’s show until eight.

We would love to see you.

Here is one of Tobe’s paintings. He has a wonderful touch with color.

Tobe Harvey

Opening: First Friday: Hannah and Tobe

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Come by and look at what we have.

This time Hannah and Tobe are looking at their work in a very interesting way. Hannah’s seems to be a nice change. We are looking forward to this evening.

See you there!



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